About Nikkel-Art

We are passionate about designing imaginative, original, captivatingly beautiful photo decoration perfectly suited to each type of interior design. Our company has been always guided by the needs of our customers. We are striving to continually improve our skills in interior design; we continue to follow new trends and carefully identify customer expectations. We constantly develop and extend our offer to exactly suit your needs.

Our extensive offer ( Wall murals, Photo on Canvas, Photo on Aluminium, Photo on Foam Board, Photo on Wood, Photo on Glass, Poster, Stickers, Photo on Garden Posters, Photo Blinds ) would not be of much use if not for the high quality of our products. With the modern technologies and high-quality equipment, we are able to provide materials representing the highest standards. Our high-quality products are made with a robust, ecological and safe printing technology. The printing process is supervised by experienced professionals.

Motives and photos we offer deliver the highest visual and technical quality.

We kindly accept all kinds of ideas and individual wishes of our customers. Should you have any questions, we are eager to offer our advice on how to use our products to create an extraordinary interior.

Print on soft materials

HP 360 Latex We warrant for the safety of our products as they are produced with the use of HP LATEX inks that are safe for health and the environment. They are 100% safe for health and comply with all relevant standards to add a special touch to every interior, whether it be for residential, hotel, school, restaurant, hospital or other establishments.

HP Latex 360 uses eco-friendly latex inks. These new-generation inks are odourless, stable and resistant to weather conditions. As usual, HP Latex uses the best quality pigments and, apart from 4 basic tones, provides two additional colours: Light magenta and light cyan.

The final effect is comparable to that offered by popular water-based and pigment inks on materials that are more precious and stable that paper.

All this done using materials that until now have been hard or even impossible to print on. With this machine, we can explore new quality options so far available only with the use of low-stable digital printing technologies with water-based and pigment inks.

Print on rigid materials

The image or photo is printed directly onto the aluminium, acrylic, foam board, wood, glass. We print from edge to edge, without margins. The maximum size of one panel is 2.50 m x 3.05 m, which effectively means that there are no technical limitations.

Oce Arizona 460XT

How do we print?

We use one of the best UV flatbed printers available, with particularly high photographic print quality, precise positioning and a very large printing area.

Worktable size: 3.05 m x 2.50 m

Our large vacuum table means that it is possible to print on a number of large objects (e.g. doors, glass panels, photo on acrylic), and also on much smaller objects. In contrast to the hybrid printers which use conveyors, the stationary worktable makes it possible to print with precision on large objects, heavy objects and uneven objects.

Photographic quality

Printing with variable size ink droplet technology (from 4 pl) means that photographic quality prints are obtained.

Borderless printing

The design of the printer means it is possible to print without margins, “from edge to edge".

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We appreciate your feedback!
Jackie 29-07-2014

Het behang was van hele mooie kwaliteit en super makkelijk te gebruiken! Erg tevreden!!!

HG van der Zee 25-06-2014

Top kwaliteit. Zeer snel geleverd. Prima verpakt. en aanrader

Jenny 20-06-2014

Goede service en snel geleverd!

Bernard 09-01-2014

Mooi en correct !

liesbet van der helm 14-02-2014

We hadden een foto op aluminium besteld om achter het fornuis te plaatsen. Kwaliteit aluminium en foto zeer goed. Bestelling ging ook heel vlot. Alleen jammer dat de levering via UPS is. Zij zijn echt wel niet flexibel en levertijden zijn niet op voorhand bekend waardoor ik de hele dag moest thuis blijven. Verder niets dan lof.