Photo on Aluminium

photo on aluminium Looking to freshen up your room or your garden? Or are you simply searching for a great original present for a family member or a friend? Why not have a fantastic personal photo printed on aluminium by Any space can be effortlessly given a new and exciting appearance by hanging one of our photos on aluminium on the wall. A photo printed on aluminium not only enhances the interior of any home, its robustness means it is also perfect for hanging outside in the garden. Choose the photo, the size and type of aluminium, and we will ensure your satisfaction with the final result!

Made-to-measure, competitively priced, top quality and up to 300 x 200 cm per panel; Photo on Aluminium by

Photographic quality photos on aluminium

We print the photos on aluminium using the very best UV printer that exists: the Océ Arizona 460XT. The photo is printed directly on the aluminium and the results are amazing. Since the photo is printed using eco-friendly ink, it is resistant to all external agents. Sun, rain and wind will not harm your beautiful photo. The aluminium panel on which the photo is printed is 3 mm thick, but you can, of course, vary the height and width. We can handle everything from really small to 2 m by 3 m.

Free hanging system with each photo on aluminium!

Photo on aluminium with free hanging system You will receive a free hanging system with your photo on aluminium. This hanging system consists of a mounting plate for the back of your aluminium panel.

You can use this plate to hang your aluminium panel on the wall, quickly and easily, without the hanging system being visible.

The hanging kit includes two spacers, so your photo is always level and slightly offset from the wall.

The advantage of our system is that your photo on aluminium can be hung really quickly and easily.

The photo on foam board is also supplied with a free hanging system as standard.

Types of aluminium

If you order a photo on aluminium, you can choose from two types of aluminium:
photo on brushed aluminium and photo on aluminium with a white finish

Photo on brushed aluminium
Photo on aluminium with a white finish
Photo on brushed aluminium
This gives the white parts of the picture a unique reflective effect. This picture seems to actually come to life. This finish is ideal for black and white photos, because it really enhances the white parts of the photo.
Photo on aluminium with a white finish
This results in a bright image, the details of which can be clearly seen from any angle. The texture of the photo can actually be felt when rubbed. The choice of aluminium depends on the photo.

Photo on aluminium - sizes

photo on aluminium Everything is made-to-measure so any size, up to the maximum, is possible. The exact size and orientation depend on the amount of space available on your wall. From small to large: a photograph on aluminium is always a great choice.

Print on aluminium

The image or photo is printed directly onto the aluminium panel. We print from edge to edge, without margins. The maximum size of one panel is 2.50 m x 3.05 m, which effectively means that there are no technical limitations.

Photographic quality

Printing with variable size ink droplet technology (from 4 pl) means that photographic quality prints are obtained.

Borderless printing

The design of the printer means it is possible to print without margins, “from edge to edge".

How do we print?

Oce Arizona 460XT We use one of the best UV flatbed printers available, with particularly high photographic print quality, precise positioning and a very large printing area.

Worktable size: 3.05 m x 2.50 m

Our large vacuum table means that it is possible to print on a number of large objects (e.g. doors, glass panels, photo on acrylic), and also on much smaller objects. In contrast to the hybrid printers which use conveyors, the stationary worktable makes it possible to print with precision on large objects, heavy objects and uneven objects.

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Photo on Aluminium

Photo on Aluminium made-to-measure

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We appreciate your feedback!
Ann 15-01-2014

Prachtig resultaat!

Tom N. 10-02-2014

Prachtig resultaat in een heel goede kwaliteit. Het plaatsen verliep vlekkeloos. Ik lees dat de afhandeling van de bestelling niet alleen bij mij wat moeite heeft gekost, maar het was uiteindelijk het wachten waard!

Lenaerts- Defraine 03-12-2013

Zeer tevreden van het fotobehang. Op tijd en met zorg geleverd

Jhonny FLORIN 12-12-2013

We zijn uiterst tevreden over het resultaat van de bestelling . Ergens waren we wel eventjes verontwaardigd door de lange wachttijd . Dit echter bleek achteraf om overmacht te gaan . Onze innige deelneming en nogmaals bedankt

Gretha 13-12-2013

ik heb door de jaren veel besteld bij Nikkel-Art.
Geweldig fotobehang! Op elk formaat te krijgen en prima kwaliteit.
Eindeloze mogelijkheden.
Snelle levering.
Ik maak veel reclame voor de website.
Vind alleen wel dat Nikkel-Art bovenaan in Google zouden moeten staan, want het is veruit de beste op dit gebied.