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Kitchen splashbacks with print In our opinion, it is very important that your home has an attractive atmosphere, which is why we consider it important to print photos on glass for you. Normally, these types of printed glass panels are placed in the kitchen or bathroom, but they can also be hung on the wall as a painting on glass.

The advantage of one of these glass panels in the kitchen ( Kitchen splashbacks with print ) is that it is heat resistant and therefore not affected by the heat from kitchen appliances. In addition, holes can be made in the glass for sockets.

The advantage of printed glass in the bathroom ( Bathroom glass splashbacks with print ) is that you can create your own fantasy world and completely relax. In addition, holes can be made in the glass for taps.

Paintings on glass give your room a new appearance, and are an original way of decorating a wall. In addition, it is possible to make holes in the glass for spacers. A photo on glass is a great decorative product.

You can either print one of your own photos or choose one of our 36 million high-quality photos to use in your home!

Select from among our extensive range:

Photo on Glass 1) Kitchen splashbacks with print
2) Bathroom glass splashbacks with print
3) Paintings on glass
4) Photo on glass table top
5) Glass shower splashback with print
6) Glass shower doors with print
7) Glass shower corner splashback with print
8) Photo on sliding glass door

Made-to-measure, competitively priced, top quality and up to 300 x 250 cm per panel; Photo on Glass by

Print on glass

Bathroom glass splashbacks with print We print the rear of the glass. This gives the print sharpness and visual depth, and in practical terms makes it more durable: it does not get scratched and is does not become matte during cleaning.

We print form edge to edge, without margins. The maximum size of 2.50 m x 3.05 m effectively means that there are no technical limitations.

We also use decorative double-laminated glass. The image can be in the middle, on both sides, on one side or semi-transparent.

Tempered Glass

Paintings on glass from nikkel-art We use standard tempered glass, also known as toughened glass, which meets PN-EN 12150-1 standards.
This type of glass is used in construction, for safe glass partitions, doors or elements of building structures and furniture.
Our glass products are always tempered, and always have bevelled edges.

Glass panels for the kitchen are 6 mm thick. Glass with images for sliding doors is 4 mm thick to avoid excessive load on the rollers.
We do not use glass thinner than 4 mm, but we can use thicker glass, such as 8 mm or 10 mm.

We do not use standard sizes:
each product has its own dimension and shape and may include holes cut for switches, sockets or handles. We print glass that is ready to be mounted, irrespective of its shape and thickness.

How do we print?

We use one of the best UV flatbed printers available, with particularly Oce Arizona 460XThigh photographic print quality, precise positioning and a very large printing area.

Worktable size: 3.05 m x 2.50 m

Our large vacuum table means that it is possible to print on a number of large objects (e.g. doors, glass panels, photo on wood), and also on much smaller objects. In contrast to the hybrid printers which use conveyors, the stationary worktable makes it possible to print with precision on large objects, heavy objects and uneven objects.

Photographic quality

Printing with variable size ink droplet technology (from 4 pl) means that photographic quality prints are obtained.

Borderless printing

The design of the printer means it is possible to print without margins, “from edge to edge".

Digitally printed glass is very suitable for the kitchen between the cabinets for the bathroom between the tiles, glass walls, doors, shower enclosures or other structures of glass.

Kitchen splashbacks with print from design to realization

Kitchen splashbacks with print - design
Kitchen splashbacks with print - realization
Kitchen splashbacks with print - design
Kitchen splashbacks with print - realization

Made-to-measure photo on wall behind kitchen worktop

Photo on glass for use in the kitchen The kitchen is a place that is special in almost every way. So its appearance and presentation are important. Placing glass between the worktop and wall units, or between the hob and hood, is a very practical and aesthetic solution. Making holes for sockets is not a problem. Since the glass is tempered, the glass panels can be used next to hobs or gas burners where they are exposed to large temperature fluctuations.

What might this be? Simply put, this is a photo on glass for use in the kitchen, on the wall, ceiling, doors or other places where the homeowner is looking to create a certain style. It can give a kitchen a warm, cosy atmosphere, as well as being an attractive centrepiece.

It no longer suffices to have built-in cabinets, a kitchen island, or the best appliances. The attractiveness and atmosphere are determined by what surrounds the kitchen and how it is made.
A glass panel on the kitchen wall is becoming an increasingly popular and very fashionable decorative element. Glass in the kitchen stands for variety, modernity and timelessness. However, what is printed on the glass is the personal choice of our customers. This can vary from coloured fruit, or a print with a burning fire, vegetables or other designs suitable for a kitchen.

Don’t settle for anything but the best. Choose photos and wall murals in your kitchen; believe us when we say that - with a modest outlay - you can make your kitchen a real oasis of calm and modernity with a special atmosphere. Use printed glass in your kitchen ( printed kitchen splashbacks )and enjoy its beauty and unique look.

Bathroom glass splashbacks with print

A glass panel on the wall or behind the bathtub in your bathroom gives the area a special, modern appearance. Images on glass in the shower cabin are an interesting alternative to traditional ceramic tiles. The glass is, of course, adapted to the existing walls and provided with any holes that might be needed for taps etc.

printed Bathroom glass splashbacks In order to get a dreamy and desirable effect in your bathroom, it is not necessary to buy flowers, plants and the like. You can effortlessly create a paradise in your bathroom, behind closed doors, by simply buying a ( printed Bathroom glass splashbacks ) for your bathroom wall.

Wouldn’t it be great to lie back in your bath and look out across beautiful views, huge green trees with birds or coloured flowers and fruit? Wouldn’t it be great to have a bathroom with an image on glass of a real landscape, such as a tropical island? Such a bathroom would be a perfect place for anybody to get some much-needed relaxation.

Special photos and images on glass in the bathroom can reflect your dreams. It is up to you whether this is a giant bamboo tree, large flowers or a view of the sun setting behind the sea. These Prints on Glass for the bathroom are available in different colours and sizes.

It is the best glass for the bathroom, giving every area a completely different impression and creating a true paradise on earth. Once inside, you will never want to leave; that is the effect of a wall panel in the bathroom.

Be modern and original. Show others that proper bathroom decoration using glass really can be a success, and help create a home beyond your wildest dreams. These prints on walls can be the best, cheapest and most original option for owners of homes, cafés, restaurants or offices.

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