Poster Does your room need a bit of brightening up? On our website, you can find beautiful posters of the highest quality, and at very competitive prices. The fantastic range offers a huge selection, from artwork to photos of the most beautiful places on earth. Our website makes it easy to choose the most beautiful poster to fit your needs. Then all you have to do us decide the size that best suits your home, and we will do the rest! Suitable for your bedroom, living room or office.

High quality is guaranteed thanks to our fantastic HP Latex 360 printer. We print with ecological ink which guarantees excellent quality and durability. The high-quality paper that we use ensures that the vibrant colours really are stunning.

We print on 260 g Photo Art Satin Poster Paper - Photo Art paper is smooth and thick, and designed for indoor use. It is covered with a special coating that increases the colour spectrum of the poster. The maximum width of the poster is 149 cm, length unlimited.

Made-to-measure, competitively priced, top quality and up to 149 cm wide with unlimited length; Poster by


Poster by We print photos with photographic quality on the highest quality photo paper. When you buy products from us, you can be sure they are safe; they are manufactured with safe, eco-friendly LATEX ink.

These are 100% safe for health, and meet all standards, so they may be used to decorate the interior of any home, apartment, hotel, school, restaurant, hospital or other property.

Thanks to the amazing quality of our printer, our posters are also UV-resistant. This means you can hang them anywhere without having to worry that too strong sunlight might damage the quality. Wherever you hang your poster, the quality is always safeguarded.

Naturally, the most beautiful and colourful posters can be found at, and all at the most competitive prices.

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How do we print?

HP Latex 360 We use an HP Latex 360 printer with eco-friendly LATEX inks. These are the latest generation inks, which are odourless, durable and weatherproof. HP has ensured, as usual, that the inks used are of the best quality, and has added two more bright colours to the four primary colours; light magenta and light cyan.

As a result, the range of colours obtainable is comparable to that of water-based ink and pigment ink on materials which are of better quality and more durable than paper.

As a result of this new technology, a completely new level of colour can be achieved with digital printing. The very wide range of colours ensures:

- production prints which conform with certified digital proofs for CMYK files
- Pantone colour optimisation (more than 80% of the colours correspond to the Pantone-template)
- the quality of prints of RGB files exceeds that of photo lab prints.

Amazingly, this is now possible on materials which were previously difficult or impossible to print on. Installing these machines has given us new possibilities in terms of quality that were previously only available using unsustainable digital printing technology with water-based ink and pigment ink.

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