Available fabrics for printed roller blinds

Translucent fabric

Photo Blinds This material only partially blocks light. Translucent fabrics are ideal for areas where total darkness is not important. The characteristics of this material allow interesting visual effects to be obtained, both inside and outside.

For example: the print on roller blinds printed on the inside is visible from inside during the day. At night, the print is visible from inside and outside, although the image visible from the outside will be a mirror image; therefore, if you want the print to look good on both sides, certain elements must be avoided. Text, for example, cannot be read in reverse.

The print on roller blinds printed on the outside is visible on both sides during the day, especially in sunny weather, but only visible from the outside at night. When choosing the design, take into account the fact that a mirror image of the print can be seen from the inside. Therefore it is important to avoid certain elements, such as text, because it cannot be read in reverse. To see the print better at night, you just need to turn the lights on.

For advertising blinds we recommend using translucent materials, with the print on the outside. The advertising will therefore be clearly visible day and night (the latter when the lights are turned on).

Please remember that the visibility of the design also depends on the type of lighting.

The stronger the lighting, the clearer the design will be visible at night from the outside. Similarly, if the blind is printed on the outside, the stronger the natural light, and the more clearly the design will be visible from the inside.

Blackout fabric

Photo Blinds Beautiful sensual woman This material blocks out light completely and is obviously very suitable for areas where total darkness is important. Blackout fabrics are ideal for custom roller blind for the bedroom, projection rooms or even in the living room if you want to enjoy the depth of black on a 40-inch TV during sunny weather.

With blackout fabrics, prints on the inside of blinds are visible only from the inside, and prints on the outside of blinds are visible only from the outside.

As previously mentioned, this material does not allow any light through. Therefore, it is not possible to achieve the same effects as with translucent materials. Even if the lighting inside is very strong, the print will not be visible from the outside at night.

For this reason, the design for a roller blind using a blackout fabric does not need to take the mirror image into account because the image will never be seen in reverse anyway.