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Nikkel Art and VC GREENYARD Maaseik

Nikkel Art and VC GREENYARD Maaseik

Nikkel Art is involved in creating some of the best wall decorations on the market. Our products are original and created with such detail and because of that, they will make every interior look outstanding.
Our clients are our priority – because of them, we improve our skills, we can focus on further activities and expand our offer.

Nikkel Artfor the second year in a row is a sponsor of the talented team VC GREENYARD Maaseik!

VC GREENYARD Maaseik is a volleyball team with a huge potential, which last year reached for the title of Belgian Champion - VC GREENYARD Maaseik regularly can be found in the Volleyball Champions League, where every year achieves better and better results - currently claiming to the title of the Volleyball League Champion Champions #CLVolleyM.
On our website nikkel-art.com, you can see the photo of the entire VC GREENYARD Maaseik team. For die-hard supporters, fans and people who love volleyball and volleyball teams which play at the highest level, we offer the possibility to print pictures of the entire team on each selected material and in a size appropriate for the client.
A little bit of history the Volleyball Team VC GREENYARD Maaseik...
VC GREENYARD Maaseik is a men's volleyball club, located in the Belgian town of Maaseik. The club was founded on March 17, 1960 and initially operated under the name Mavoc Maaseik. Over the years of its existence, the composition of the team, coaching staff, trainers, sponsors, etc. has changed. - the club's names changed in the same way. We already had D & V Motors Maaseik, Eurosol Maaseik, Gouden Gids Maaseik and Noliko Maaseik.

In 1985-2018 the club was called Noliko Maaseik, but after 33 years of activity, the club changed its name and from the season 2018/2019 it appears as VC Greenyard Maaseik.

VC GREENYARD Maaseik achievements Belgians can be proud of their boys and undoubtedly they have something to boast of, because VC GREENYARD Maaseik is, among others:
• 15-time Belgian champion,
• fourteen-time winner of the Belgian Cup,
• fourteen-time winner of the Belgian Super Cup,
• two-time silver medalist of the European Champions Clubs' Cup,

VC Greenyard Maaseik is a team of professionals who run this volleyball club to win!
VC GREENYARD volleyball club Maaseik is above all a professional volleyball club, managed by professionals employing staff known and experienced in working with volleyball players. In VC GREENYARD Maaseik there is no place for lack of professionalism or bad management - for many years, volleyball players have been climbing the career ladder and are pulling the club up, which allows to think that before VC GREENYARD Maaseik, many more victories! The same can be said, considering who runs this club ... Joel Banks is a Briton who, as a volleyball coach, has already won many trophies in his career. Currently, he is fighting VC GREENYARD Maaseik volleyball players about:
• victory in the league league #EMVolleyleague,
• first place in the Belgian Cup competition #BelgianCup league,
• the title of champion in the volleyball champions league #CLVolleyM,
Who in the breaks of the match conquers the hearts of supporters VC GREENYARD Maaseik?
From October 17, 2018, the VC Greenyard Maaseik volleyball club can boast a new mascot. The current favorite of VC GREENYARD Maaseik, conquering fans' hearts and warming up volleyball players is Rocky! Rocky the Mascot in his first game, gave his all and thanks to great supporters and an excellent warming up for the match - not forgetting of course the great skills of volleyball players, the club VC GREENYARD Maaseik won 3-0 with VH Leuven!

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