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Interior tip: exclusive art by Jaime Ibarra

Interior tip: exclusive art by Jaime Ibarra

Art lover? Looking for artistic and exclusive wall decoration? In our limited edition collection you will find unique images made by top photographers Jaime Ibarra, Alain Delvoye, Fenna van der Vliet and Peter Odekerken. Their artistic work is available at Nikkel Art which can be printed on a material of your choice. The finishing of a photo on high-quality Acrylic is particularly suitable for such exclusive works of art.


Photo on Plexiglas Indigina


In the spotlight: Jaime Ibarra

Jaime Ibarra is a photographer-artist with Spanish roots. In his work he combines graphic techniques and with his lively imagination to create new worlds. Ibarra's greatest inspiration is music. He could hear colors, for example. Thanks to the intermingling of the senses and the penetrating facial expressions of the exclusively female models, there is a lot of intensity and dynamic in Ibarra's work.


Photo on Aluminium Used To Be


Art by Jaime Ibarra

In "Woman with butterflies" and "Ataxaria”, Jaime Ibarra’s way of working becomes very clear. A photo of a woman with gold body painting has been edited with graphic techniques to create a fabulous atmosphere with complementary as well as contrasting colors. These artworks on acrylic stand out extremely well against a dark wall within a contemporary interior. In the photographic work "Used to be", he made great use of lighting. The exposure and the penetrating gaze of the naked woman with a carcass in her hands, create a mystical atmosphere. Choose a finish on aluminium for a special effect enhanced by the visible aluminium texture.


Photo on Acrylic Ataraxia


Art photo of Jaime Ibarra on Acrylic

Acrylic is the material of choice for printing artworks such as those of Jaime Ibarra. The photo is printed with a high-end eight-color printer on the back of the acrylic and provided with a white layer on the back of the print so that the bright colors are fully reflected and a beautiful depth effect is created. To professionally place a photo on acrylic onto the wall, you can choose from three different suspension systems: with an aluminum frame, a clamping system with stainless steel spacers or stainless steel spacers within the acrylic. Do you want your artwork to shine completely, like shown in an art gallery? Then choose the aluminum frame at the rear that remains invisible from any viewing angle.


Photo on Aluminium Approach

Photo on Acrylic Woman with Butterflies


Discover the photos on acrylic by Jaime Ibarra.

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