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A photo on aluminium or plexiglass: what do you choose?

A photo on aluminium or plexiglass: what do you choose?

Found a nice picture to fill that blank space on your wall, but not quite sure on which material to print it? Both aluminium and plexiglas will make the vibrant colours and tiniest details of your photo stand out. Thanks to their durability and the UV-resistant ink your photo will continue to shine even after being exposed to direct sunlight. This means you can enjoy your customized wall decoration both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’ll print your photo on aluminium or plexiglas is mainly a matter of personal taste.

Aluminium prints

Prefer a matte look? Go for a photo on aluminium

Our aluminium prints are a good choice when you like a matte finish and timeless look. The 3 mm thick plates offer a sleek appearance to your artwork and are very easy to hang since they’re so light. You can choose to have your photo printed on white or brushed aluminium. Either way, the white colours won’t be printed. For a photo on brushed aluminium the texture will thus remain visible, which will make your picture look slightly darker. Note how the unique silver effect keeps changing depending on the angle you look from. White aluminium on the other hand, has a very natural and realistic look which works particularly well for portraits or landscapes. The highlighted details and white top layer will make the colours pop. Whichever option you choose, with a photo on aluminium you’re guaranteed to bring a unique atmosphere into your interior.

photo on aluminium

photo on brushed aluminium

Do you like a little gloss? Print your photo on plexiglas

A photo on plexiglas has a glossy finish that fits exceptionally well into a modern interior. The material is slightly heavier than aluminium, but nevertheless easy to install with the optional aluminium frame. Printed behind plexiglass, your photo will have an incredible depth effect. To top it off, we add an extra white layer to make the colours and details shine even brighter. The realistic features draw you into the picture. Plexiglas is therefore particularly recommended for bright pictures or high contrast images. Our selection artistic photos of women on acrylic is a good example to illustrate our point. Note how the aluminium texture highlights the contrast between the golden details and dark background. Want to get your own plexiglas artwork? Browse our website to discover the endless possibilities.

Acrylic prints


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