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Sticker with zebra? We have listed the options for you!


Stickers with zebra

There are many types of wall decoration. For example, you can hang a canvas prints on the wall, but you can also have an aluminum plate printed with a photo of your choice, have a Plexiglas plate printed or purchase photo wallpaper. Would you like to put photo wallpaper up on your wall, but don’t have the skill for it? Then you can also choose to stick a sticker on the wall. For example, you can order a sticker with a beautiful landscape, but also with an image of your favorite city, a portrait or a nice animal. Is the zebra your favorite animal? Then you order a sticker with zebra.

Meubelsticker Zebra

Furniture Sticker with Zebra

Different types of stickers

We sell different types of stickers, which you can have printed individually with a beautiful image of a zebra. Firstly, we sell door stickers, or stickers that are specially made for sticking on doors. Do you have an ugly or boring door at home? Then you can restyle this door with a sticker.

In addition, we also sell window stickers, or stickers that you can stick on windows. The window stickers are often purchased by companies, but you can also use these stickers to brighten up those boring windows around the house. Finally, we also sell furniture stickers. You use furniture stickers to restyle furniture, such as a large cupboard.

Deursticker Zebra

Door Sticker with Zebra

Order stickers with zebra

Do you want to order a door-, window- or furniture sticker with a photo of your favorite animal? This is how it goes. First, look for a nice photo of a zebra in our large photo collection. Once you have found a nice photo, choose the sticker that you want to order. If you want to restyle a door with your sticker, choose a door sticker. If you want to make that boring cabinet in the bedroom a little more cheerful, then order a furniture sticker. If you have selected the correct sticker type, then choose the dimensions for the sticker. Note: does the sticker have to be on a door? Then you accurately measure the door so that you can pass on the correct dimensions.

After entering the dimensions for the sticker, you can possibly edit the photo of the zebra. Once you have done this, place and pay for your order and you will quickly receive your customized sticker with zebra.

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