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Posters with World Map, for the true world traveler!


Poster World Map

Some people enjoy being at home, but you prefer to be abroad. You are a true adventurer and you become restless if you spend too much time at home, so you occasionally visit tropical holiday countries. Do you want to decorate your house as a real traveler, so that you, as a true adventurer, still feel at home in your own house? Then a poster world map, or a poster with a map of the world is just for you.

Poster met Wereldkaart Hemelsblauw

Poster with World Map Sky Blue

World map poster: specially for the world traveler

A world map poster is the ideal wall decoration for the world traveler. By putting up a poster with a map of the world in your home, you feel like a true adventurer when you are at home for a while. In addition, with this wall decoration you can show other people what your passion is: traveling. And do you like to see on the map where you've already been? Then you take a number of drawing pins to indicate the places that you have visited. Certainly if you have already made many trips, this is fun to do.

You can hang your poster world map in the living room, but also in the hall or in the bedroom. If you hang the poster above your bed, you can always quickly see where you have been before you go to sleep. With the beautiful memories of all your journeys in your head, you then fall asleep wonderfully.

Poster met Wereldkaart Turquoise

Poster with World Map Turquoise

A vintage poster world map

Do you think a poster world map looks nice, but do you actually like it better if this poster looks a bit old? Then you order a vintage poster world map. A vintage poster does not look brand new, but is printed on old and yellow paper. The image on the poster also looks a bit old for the optimum vintage effect. If you have a vintage interior and are a traveler, then this is the perfect wall decoration for you.

To order a poster world map or vintage poster world map, first choose an image for the poster. Then choose the dimensions for the poster. You can order a large poster, but you can also order a small poster with a world map. If you want to give the image on the photo a certain effect, this is also possible. If you have already entered your details, all you have to do is order the poster.

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