Does my photo have good resolution?

When you have a photo printed, the quality of your photo is very important. Is the photo large enough for the size of your choice? Then you can safely have it printed and you are assured of a good quality print. Is your photo too small? Then there is a good chance that your print will not have the desired quality...

How do I know if my photo is large enough?

If you are not sure whether the quality meets your expectations after printing, you can request a proof. You do this in the comments field after you have entered your delivery address. On your request we will send a digital proof by e-mail.

Example 1

Example 2

Own photo vs. AdobeStock (ID: 257059720)

Why do I only see part of the photo?

In the first instance, the photo will be prepared entirely in your requested format, here we will then take a piece to send to you by e-mail. We only send a piece because the entire file is too large to send. Based on the digital proof, you can decide for yourself whether or not you agree with the quality after printing. The number of times a photo is enlarged depends entirely on your chosen product. For a photo on canvas, aluminum or acrylic, a photo often only needs to be enlarged by 200%. But for wall murals this is already 500%, so that the pixels of a too small image are immediately visible on the print. Do you want to be sure of a nice print quality? Then we recommend that you choose a photo from our database. These meet the quality requirements that we set to achieve a sharp print. Uploads from Google images, mobile devices or other small devices often do not achieve the desired quality.

Example 3

Example 4

Google vs. AdobeStock (ID: 62361988)

I don't really like the quality of the photo, what now?

If you agree, we ask for confirmation in the form of a response by e-mail. If you do not agree, you can send a new photo or make a selection from our versatile database. Only and exclusively after your confirmation, the order will be taken into production.

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