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Must have! The Big Five on wall murals


In the whole world you can observe wild animals in real life, but you can also have them at home from now on! With The Big Five on wall murals you don’t only have a new interior look, you can also enjoy these special animals at home. Wall murals of wild animals are a nice asset to your home. You can create a special look, furthermore it looks offbeat and trendy. Discover all the possibilities with The Big Five on wall murals at your home!

Wall Murals Lion

Which animals are part of The Big Five?

The Big Five exists of the next five animals: the lion, the leopard, the rhino, the elephant and the buffalo. In the past these animals were different to chase for various reasons. Today, luckily, they aren’t chased anymore. You can find them nowadays in their habitat, for example in Tanzania, where you can shoot beautiful pictures of them. A lot of people and photographers have already preceded you and that’s the reason you have the possibility to order The Big Five on personalised photo wall murals by choosing a picture on our website:

Wall Murals Rhino

The advantages of wall murals of Nikkel Art

Which are the advantages of the wall murals? In the first place, the wall murals are of a good quality. The picture is printed with special ink with the result the colors stick out even better. Thereby it looks like the animals are literally in your living room! It doesn’t matter where you place the wall murals: they are UV resistant and the colors won’t fade quickly when you place them on a place where the sun shines in. The wall murals are also scratch resistant, washable and is tailormade. You easily choose a picture of our large collection and you let them print on the wall murals in the desired dimensions. You can choose between non-woven wall murals or self-adhesive wall murals.

Wall Murals Leopard

Wall Murals Elephant

Wall Murals Buffalo

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