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What is photo wall murals? 6 reasons to opt for photo wall murals!


Give your interior a personal touch with one of the four types of our high-quality photo wall murals with a photo of your choice. From artistic portraits to fabulous landscapes. Our wide range of photos contains something for everyone.

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Would you like to add a personal touch to the interior of your living room, kitchen or bedroom? Or are you looking for a personalised eye-catcher for your office, practice or shop? Choose one of the photos from our extensive range and create your personalised photo wall murals.

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High-quality finish

Nikkel Art offers you a choice of four types of photo wallpaper: non-woven photo wallpaper, non-woven photo wallpaper Eco Premium, vinyl photo wallpaper and self-adhesive wall murals. Each type is produced with non-woven material. The print quality is extremely high, and the colours and very clear details of the photo are guaranteed to be retained on the print.

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Safety standards

After you have selected a photo of your choice from our wide range of pictures, we will start to produce your customised photo wallpaper. We follow national and international health and fire safety standards, and we use high-end eco-friendly printing techniques with non-toxic ink.

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Easy to wallpaper

The width of a strip of photo wall murals varies between 70 and 151 cm. You can easily hang the photo wallpaper on the wall thanks to the included manual and the specially developed wallpaper paste Perfax Roll-on Magic which you can apply directly on the wall. The pink colour of the adhesive indicates the areas of the wall where paste has already been applied. This way you don't waste any glue and you get a professional result. As soon as the paste has dried, the pink colour disappears. Do you opt for self-adhesive photo wallpaper? Then you don't need wallpaper paste. Whatever type of photo wallpaper you choose, make sure you apply it to a smooth, dust-free and clean wall.

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Maintenance friendly

Each of the four types of photo wallpaper can be dusted off with a soft, dry cloth if necessary. Do you opt for photo wallpaper with a top layer of PVC? This scratch-resistant wall murals can be cleaned with a soft, moist cloth.

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UV resistant

The photo wall murals of Nikkel Art is protected against discoloration because the ink of the photo wallpaper is resistant to UV rays. So you can enjoy the intense colours of your customised photo wallpaper for many years to come. The vinyl photo wallpaper also allows water vapour to pass through so that the wall can breathe. This makes this type of wallpaper suitable for damp rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen.