What is Selective Focus?

Selective focus refers to a commonly used photography technique where the camera focuses on a specific object. The photographer consciously chooses to visualize this element clearly and to blur the rest of the scene. This is how he wants to draw the viewer's attention. The selective focus technique can be useful when shooting chaotic, unattractive or distracting settings. This New York taxi on a poster is a perfect illustration of this. By pushing the hectic traffic environment into the background and focusing your gaze on the taxi in the front, the photographer succeeds in creating a harmonious image.

New York taxis

Direct the viewer's gaze

The selective focus technique is usually used to emphasize an element in the front. The contrast between the sharp object and the blurred background enhances the image. For example, the intense colors and lifelike details of these poppies on photo wallpaper are even more evident by isolating the object. The flowers actually seem to come to life. For the same reason, selective focus is also an interesting technique to use when photographing animals. Curious how this looks on your wall? Then take a look at our plexiglass inspirations.

Amazing poppy field

red poppy flower spring season

How is selective focus relevant to me?

“Why is this important to me?” You may ask. Understanding the selective focus technique can help you judge the quality of your chosen photo. In our online editing tool you can adjust the dimensions and the print area of your photo as desired. It is important to keep in mind that the background may be printed slightly blurry. This is not a production error but is the result of the use of the selective focus photo technique. If you still have doubts about the quality of the selected photo, you can always request a proof. This way you are 100% sure that your photo will be completely customized to your liking.

Close-up view of Lavender in Provence

Colorful bird on branch in the rainforest


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