Vintage glamour: art deco wallpaper

With our luxurious art deco wallpaper it seems like you have stepped straight into a chic 19th-century loft in New York. With its emphasis on lush colours and geometric shapes it’s the perfect blend of modern and classic style. Be overwhelmed by the opulent look of our wallpaper in art deco style and elevate your interior with a touch of twenties glamour. Gold, black and navy blue take the lead. Rich shades that exude pure luxury, even on small surfaces. Colours are sumptuous, patterns are sober. Clean lines and minimalist prints keep it balanced. Art deco wallpaper is perfect for those who want to give their home some vintage charm. Distinctive but not too loud, thanks to the symmetrical patterns. Browse through our selection and create the perfect accent wall with your favourite art deco wallpaper.

Wallpapers Art deco seamless pattern design

Wallpapers Art Deco Pattern. Seamless black and gold background

Living in luxury: art deco wallpaper

Do you wish to extend the art deco style to the rest of your interior? You can easily apply the same principles to your furniture and home accessories. Geometric wallpaper patterns are reflected in sleek furniture design. Gold accents make their appearance as mirrors, mouldings and other embellishments. A great addition to your art deco wallpaper, but certainly not a must. Because art deco wallpaper combines characteristics from various styles, it can just as easily become an eye-catcher in a contemporary interior. It all comes down to choosing a pattern that suits your taste and style. Also within the art deco style you can make a distinction between different types of patterns. Form lush florals to line art, there is something for everyone. Did you know that all our wallpaper prints can be reduced or enlarged to your liking? That way you will certainly find the perfect art deco wallpaper for your home.

Wallpapers Abstract art deco seamless pattern

Wallpapers Vector Art Deco Style Seamless Pattern


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