Jungle fever! Vintage botanical landscape

Sometimes you just want to escape the dreary winter weather. Wallpaper with a vintage botanical landscape on your wall will do wonders for you. From small to extra large, these exotic prints will fill your home with positive energy. Vintage botanical landscapes bring different elements together. Tropical plants such as palm trees, hibiscus flowers, monsteras and banana plants are a must. Just like zebras, monkeys, flamingos, giraffes, elephants, toucans, birds of paradise and other jungle residents. Decorate your walls with a vintage botanical landscape for an instant holiday feeling. Whatever the weather may be outside, there is always a tropical vibe in your home. Order a vintage botanical landscape in a large format so that the print covers the entire wall, or go for a repetitive pattern that you stick to the wall as a horizontal strip. Whichever way you choose, the room will undergo a complete transformation. Go on a safari in your own home with a customized vintage botanical landscape.

Wallpapers Tropical night vintage wild animals elephant, monkey, sloth, palm tree

Wallpapers Tropical vintage Hawaiian palm trees, banana tree, plant floral

Vintage botanical landscape tailored to your dimensions

Are you in the mood for a vintage botanical landscape, but don't feel like using wallpaper glue? Don't worry, we also have self-adhesive wall murals in our range. Make no mistake though, wall murals aren’t the only way to introduce a vintage botanical landscape into your interior. You can also choose stickers, prints on different materials, roller blinds and even splashbacks! Splashbacks are the perfect way to enjoy a vintage botanical landscape within a humid environment such as the kitchen or bathroom. In addition, all our products are fully customizable, so there are no limits to your creativity. Have we sparked your interest yet after seeing all those nice vintage botanical landscape ideas? Then take a look at our realisations or contact our customer service. Our experts are happy to assist you with professional interior design advice.

Acrylic splashback Tropical vintage botanical landscape, palm tree, banana tree, plant

Wall murals Hawaiian vintage botanical palm tree,banana tree, palm leaves


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