Are you bored with your interior? Furniture stickers give any room a new look in an instant. A marble sticker on your coffee table or a color accent for your sideboard; with photo stickers you can turn that everyday piece of furniture easily into a luxurious eye-catcher. So put off that visit to the furniture store for a while. Photo stickers are a much cheaper and faster way to let a breath of fresh air blow through your interior. And the range is really huge. Wood texture stickers for a warm look or floral prints for a touch of romance; we print anything you can imagine. And this completely tailored to your interior. From a large built-in wardrobe to the smallest side table, furniture stickers come in all shapes and sizes. In addition, they are very easy to apply. Thanks to the built-in micro air channels, any air bubbles in your furniture stickers can be easily removed.

Furniture stickers Vintage floral seamless pattern on dark background. Vector illustration

Furniture stickers Cute hand drawn doodle circles seamless pattern, abstract and modern background, great for textiles, banners, wallpapers, wrapping - vector design

Furniture stickers: attractive and practical

From wardrobe to kitchen table, furniture stickers are suitable for all smooth surfaces. You can use them to transform your interior, but also to camouflage minor damage. Has that old cabinet seen better days? Photo sticker over it and it looks new again. Has your dog left scratches on the door in all his enthusiasm? A door sticker solves that problem for a while. Not only do you give your furniture a second life, you also immediately have an interior with tons of personality. Not another living room that looks just like the neighbour's, nice right? It is good to know that our furniture stickers have a washable protective layer. This is to protect your print from stains, scratches and sunlight. So you can let your children and pets run around the house with peace of mind. You can easily wipe off any stains on your photo stickers with a soft cloth and mild detergent.

Door stickers Hospital Hall

Furniture sticker ideas for your interior

Do you want to get started with photo stickers? With our furniture sticker bestsellers you will certainly discover something that suits your taste and decorating style. Colorful polka dots for the nursery or minimalist pastels for your Scandinavian living room; via our handy themes you will find what you are looking for in no time. Photo stickers are extremely versatile; you can decorate any room with it. A furniture sticker on the table top of your desk or against the fronts of your bathroom cabinets; If you’ve thought of it, we’ve printed it. But it doesn't stop there; You can also decorate your walls to your heart's content. A rectangular, round or contour-cut photo sticker? You choose! And we haven't forgotten your doors either. Original patterns or a self-made photo; we print them exactly to size for your door.

Furniture stickers Blue marble background


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