Wall mural inspiration for the kids’ room

The place where they play, laugh, dream… Turn the children's room into a magical world with a nice wall mural. Tough, sweet or cute? Spark your little one's imagination with an imaginative photo print. With so many fun themes to choose from, you are sure to find a nursery wall mural that will appeal to your darling. Opt for something colorful and creative, because if there is one place to experiment, it is the children's room. Do you find the wide choice rather overwhelming? We are happy to help you on your way by listing the best nursery wall mural trends for you below.

#1 Jungle wall murals for the nursery

Immerse the nursery in a jungle theme with a wall mural of a vintage botanical landscape. Wild animals, tropical birds, exotic plants… your little daredevil will feel like a real adventurer. Due to the multitude of details, there is always something new to discover. Complete the theme by combining your nursery wall mural with accessories in the same style, such as a wooden climbing frame, wicker rocking chair or funny cuddly monkey. Your little darling will be completely absorbed in his own fantasy world while playing. Our collection of children's room wall murals is now also available with a washable protective layer. This way you can enjoy that beautiful jungle print for years.

#2 Rainbow wall murals for the nursery

Do you want to decorate the nursery but you can't choose between all those cheerful colors? We have the solution for you: rainbow wall murals. It doesn't always have to be blue or pink. Go for a mix of colors that matches the atmosphere you want to create. Candy colors provide a cheerful touch, while pastel shades radiate tranquility. The advantage of rainbow wall murals is that it can be used for both a boy’s and girl’s room. It is therefore a safe choice if you do not know the sex of the baby yet.

#3 Watercolor wall murals for the nursery

Away with those boring white walls! A children's room should not only bring peace, but also inspire and challenge. This forest animal wall mural does just that. The beautiful watercolor illustrations create a creative setting in which your son or daughter can play and explore to their heart's content. Native animals or wild exotics; choose the photo print that your child feels most comfortable with. Watercolor wall murals are also suitable for different ages, so you are settled for the next few years. Convinced? Choose your favorite design from our collection of children's room wall murals and we will print the desired photo to the exact size of your wall.


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