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Indoors, we love to decorate our walls with paintings and beautiful photos. Why not do the same in the garden? A photo on a garden poster is weatherproof and therefore the ideal way to give your outdoor space an attractive appearance. In contrast to flowers and plants, you can enjoy them all year round. However, the stunning looks are not the only reason why our garden posters are massively flying out the door. Besides an added decorative value, they have practical use as well. Garden posters are often used to brighten up a blank wall or to camouflage minor damage. A stylish and inexpensive solution, because no construction work is involved. Since you can have them printed completely to size, you can adjust the size of your photo on the garden poster exactly to the surface you wish to cover. Handy, right?

Garden poster Flowers Red poppies blossom on wild field. Beautiful field red poppies with selective focus. Red poppies in soft light. Opium poppy. Glade of red poppies

A photo on a garden poster for extra privacy

In addition to their camouflaging qualities, garden posters are also a handy way to limit the view. Have you recently moved and do not yet have a separation between your garden and that of the neighbours? With a beautiful photo on a garden poster you still get the necessary privacy. Do you live in an apartment and is your balcony on the street side? Here as well, a photo on a garden poster can offer a welcome solution to block the prying eyes of casual passers-by. From a cozy city garden to an extensive rooftop terrace, you will find a suitable photo on a garden poster for any outdoor space. The sturdy garden cloth can be ordered to size with a maximum size of no less than 200 x 1000 cm. Whatever you have in mind, we’ll do everything we can to help you realize your idea.

Garden poster Magie am Morgen

A photo on a garden poster creates depth

Is your garden, balcony or terrace rather on the smaller side? Perfect! A photo on a garden poster is the ideal way to optically enlarge your outdoor space. Your choice of photo is very important. For example, a landscape photo on a garden poster will give the impression that you can see meters away. Photos with vertical elements such as a bridge, pier, forest path or waterfall also have an extending effect, creating extra depth. So no more looking at that ugly wall; from now on you choose your own view! A charming Italian alley or rather a tropical beach? In our collection of garden posters you will find the most beautiful images from all over the world. If you want to make it even more personal, you can also choose to have your own photo printed as a garden poster. Whichever garden poster you ultimately choose, you'll wonder why you didn't buy it sooner.

Garden poster Old street in Trastevere, Rome, Italy


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