Self-adhesive or non-woven wall murals? how to make the right choice

No two people are the same, so why should our interiors be? Create a home that reflects your personality with custom wall murals. That can be a soothing natural landscape, but just as well an artistic portrait or bombastic flower pattern; anything that makes you happy. When you have selected a nice photo, you can then indicate on which material you want it printed. We currently offer two types of wall mural. A first type is non-woven wall mural. The selected photo is printed on a sturdy, smooth and PVC-free non-woven material of 150 g/m². Your usual wallpaper so to speak. A second type is self-adhesive wall mural. The wafer-thin foil with a thickness of just 0.1 mm is provided with an adhesive layer on the back. Both materials have a matte finish and guarantee superior print quality with lifelike details and intensely radiant colours. Which one should you choose? Read on quickly to discover the difference between self-adhesive and non-woven wall murals.

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The mounting method is the most obvious difference between self-adhesive and non-woven photo wallpaper. For the application of non-woven wall murals you need wallpaper glue that has been especially developed for this type of material, such as Perfax Roll-on Magic. You can apply non-woven wall murals according to the standard wallpaper technique in which you coat the wall with glue and then apply the wall mural strip by strip. Read our wall murals mounting instructions here for more detailed information. If you don't feel like working with wallpaper glue, self-adhesive wall murals are a suitable alternative. Carefully remove the backing paper and stick your wall mural to the wall. If necessary, use a felt scraper to smooth out the photo print. Unlike with non-woven wall murals, you have to take into account an overlap of 8 mm between the different strips if your wall mural consists of several parts.


In addition to the mounting method, there are some other differences between self-adhesive and non-woven wallpapers that can influence your choice. We recommend non-woven wall murals for wallpapering very large surfaces, as the strips are less wide and easier to correct than with self-adhesive photo wallpaper. Non-woven wall murals are also available in a washable variant, which can be useful if you want to wallpaper damp rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. Self-adhesive wall murals have the advantage of being also available as a circular design and can be printed in one piece up to a width of no less than 130 cm. Feel free to contact our customer service if you need additional advice to make your choice.

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