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Custom interior textiles: from curtains to plush blankets


Cozy throw cushions, lavish curtains, luxurious tablecloths, soft plush blankets… Interior textiles help you to stylishly dress up the room and make it more cozy in a simple way. Discover our collection of custom interior textiles and get inspired to turn your house into a real home.


A tablecloth not only gives your table more class, but also more color. Fresh patterns, trendy jungle leaves, warm colours... Nikkel Art offers you a wide range of tablecloths that you can personalize to your taste, so that everyone enjoys sitting at the table. Because eating together brings people together. And whether you're having breakfast with your family in the morning or a nice dinner with friends, nobody can stop you from turning any occasion into a small party with a decorative tablecloth.

Tablecloth tropical night seamless pattern black background


When snuggling up on the couch in the evening with a nice movie or series, a cozy plush blanket is undispensable. On cool nights, a plush blanket is ideal as an extra blanket on top of your comforter as well. But plush blankets aren't just useful for snuggling up and warming up. It is also the ultimate home accessory to decorate your interior. Drape it over your seat to make it extra soft or put it nicely folded on an ottoman. The room immediately looks cozier!

Plush blanket Tartan Fall Seamless Pattern Plaid

Combine your tablecloth and plush blanket with matching throw pillows and curtains to complete the look. Go for fun, mischievous patterns if you want to create a playful atmosphere or choose a few solid colors if you like to keep it a little more relaxed.

Throw pillow Floral seamless pattern. Indian wallpaper

Curtains Tropical vintage palm leaves floral seamless pattern black background. Exotic jungle wallpaper

Can't get enough of all those fun colors and prints? Be sure to check out our other textile products and be surprised! Printed roller blinds, photos on a textile frame for your wall, backpacks, tote bags, fabric by the meter... you will discover it here.


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My name is Monia and I am a lover of aesthetics and interior beauty. I specialize in writing texts that capture the essence of modern decoration.

For me, interior decorations are not just objects: they are stories that come to life in every room. Wall murals, window decorations such as stylish curtains or practical roller blinds, as well as unique wall decorations (acrylic prints, canvas prints, aluminum prints) – each of these elements has a story waiting to be told.

What makes my work so special? The collaboration with a great designer Daria with whom I form a complementary duo. Her visions and decoration ideas, combined with my ability to capture their beauty in words, create a unique effect. Together we inspire existing and new customers, giving them a fresh look at decorations.

I am proud to be part of and to contribute to creating unforgettable spaces for our customers. I invite you to keep up to date with our latest creations and be inspired by what we create together!

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