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Decoration tips for a cosy christmas interior


December is just around the corner! That means Christmas is coming and it's time to get cosy inside. Looking for original ideas to bring that December vibe into your home and make your interior more cosy? Then be sure to read our tips below.


Of course, we all know the traditional Christmas decorations: Christmas trees, baubles, Christmas wreaths, garlands, lights and candles. But have you ever thought of wall decorations and textile accessories as Christmas decoration? Framed posters, tablecloths, decorative cushions... they can all be used to dress up your home in a warm and cosy way and get you into the Christmas spirit.


Decorative throwpillows printed with an elegant print are a nice addition to Christmas decorations. They not only give you a cosy Christmas feeling, but also extra comfort. Could it all be a bit more original? Then you can go for cushions with art deco patterns and exotic prints. And don't be afraid to mix and match different colours such as velvet green, mustard yellow, midnight blue and black and white. Not the most traditional of Christmas colours, but a chic combination if you like it a bit more.

Throw pillow Vintage Art Deco Seamless Pattern. Geometric decorative texture


Decorating the Christmas table can be a real mood-setter. An elegant, simple tip for dressing up your table in style is a tablecloth with a nice Christmas print. Do you like soft and serene colours? Then a tablecloth with a peaceful nature pattern is the right choice. Combine it with table decorations in natural materials, sage-green tones and red accents to complete the festive look.

Tablecloth Plant seamless pattern with branches


For many, Christmas time is a holiday period. That often goes hand in hand with long, cosy evenings on the couch and a nice lie-in in the morning. Even the bedroom can use a little extra cosiness during the Christmas holidays. Add a plush blanket to your sheets and decorate your windows with a pair of luxurious curtains. As for the print, again it doesn't have to be all that traditional. Go for a bohemian pattern with red accents and curtains in warm shades, for example. That way, you can continue to enjoy your cosy accessories long after Christmas.

Curtains Set of animal monochrome seamless patterns


So originality in your Christmas decorations is key. But we also love a traditional Christmas with a nice Christmas dinner and lots of presents under the Christmas tree. Beautifully wrapped gifts are of course even more fun to give. Decorate them with fun stickers with traditional Christmas patterns such as candy canes, gingerbread biscuits, snowmen and Christmas trees. Here the rule is: the more traditional, the better. Nostalgic memories guaranteed! Curious about even more winter interior inspiration?

Contour cut stickers Christmas decorative banner with Santa Claus, nutcracker, locomotive, girls, gingerbread and gift boxes in vintage style

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