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The holidays are getting closer and closer and meanwhile it is high time to bring the Christmas atmosphere into your home. The first step of course is decorating your Christmas tree, but don't forget the rest of your interior as well! Don't feel like stuffing the whole house with all kinds of frills? You are not alone. A nice way to bring your home into a wintery Christmas atmosphere is stylish textile and wall decoration. You can see below how to achieve that. But on the Christmas inspiration page as well you will find more images and ideas that will certainly inspire you.



Although Christmas decoration creates lots of coziness, not everyone is in favor of it. Too much Christmas trinkets can make a room look too crowded and that makes for a cluttered and unpleasant atmosphere. To cosy up your space in an understated way, you can decorate your walls with a photo print on canvas of atmospheric winter scenes or framed posters with fun Christmas illustrations. Prefer to keep your walls intact? Then place your Christmas paintings on a cupboard against the wall, on a shelf or on the fireplace. This way you can easily remove them after the holidays and use them again next Christmas.

Moose in snow


Another fun way to get your home in the Christmas spirit is Christmas textiles with fun winter patterns. Place a few decorative throw pillows on the sofa and combine different colors to create a playful effect. Do you adore wintery decoration and do you want your room to radiate a cozy atmosphere all year round? Then go for printed roller blinds with a wintery print, such as this one with classic Scottish tartan print with red and green accents. You immediately imagine yourself on holiday in a cozy mountain cottage. Just add the wooden furniture and the crackling fire.

Printed roller blinds Christmas plaid modern classic pattern

On our Christmas inspiration page you will find a lot of inspiration and ideas to prepare your home for Christmas with stylish textiles and wall decorations. Red and white striped throw pillows and tablecloths, plush star-patterned blankets, magical Christmas prints on canvas, framed posters depicting cozy winter scenes and more. Take a look and be inspired by our enchanting Christmas decorations that will make the chilly season a lot cozier!

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