Wallpaper ideas with animal prints

Animals are making a comeback in the interior, a trend we are only too happy to embrace. A cowhide as a rug, decorative pillows with an animal print, a decorative figurine of a monkey or a parrot... they immediately give your interior a stylish playful look. But did you know that you can also use animal prints in your wallpaper? In this blog we show you that wallpaper with animal prints is not only original, but also very trendy!

Wallpapers Seamless pattern with animals

Wallpaper with subtle animal prints

It is often thought that animal prints are bombastic. That is certainly not always the case! That wallpaper with animal prints can also be subtle and sophisticated is proven by this forest animals and ocean animals wallpaper with light, hand-drawn illustrations on a soft beige background. You can repeat this pattern on all the walls in the room - that will certainly work in a room with lots of light - or you can pick one wall to make it a striking accent wall. In that case, paint the other walls in a matching color and combine with furniture and decorative items in the same shades. This will ensure that your animal print wallpaper doesn't look too conspicuous and forms a nice whole with the rest of the room.

Wallpapers Vector monochrome seamless pattern with ocean waves and whales in sketch style

Prints with animals and plants

Animal prints on wallpaper often go hand in hand with plant prints - another trend we see coming back more and more often. A pink sphynx kitten among the plants, a colorful peacock on a branch full of flowers, a deer hiding among the trees... get inspired by our different botanical animal prints and choose your favorite. Want something a little wilder? Then take a look at our range of exotic animal wallpapers with trees, palm leaves and exotic wild animals.

Wallpapers Hairless Sphynx cat seamless pattern home animal in plants , fabrcis dark

Getting started

To get you started, we've collected all of our wallpaper with animal prints on one page that you can find here. Have you chosen a nice wallpaper with an animal print? Then it's time to order! To calculate how many meters of wallpaper you need, you can consult our simple wallpaper calculator. Not sure how to go about it? Please contact our customer service. We'd love to help you out!

Wallpaper with animal prints

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