New: gallery walls to set the mood in every room

Nowadays people increasingly decorate their interior by using a gallery wall. And why not? A gallery wall with a number of beautifully matching photos gives the room a cosy, homely atmosphere with a personal touch. In this blog we show a number of rooms that radiate a pleasant, atmospheric look with the help of an original gallery wall. And because it's December, we of course choose posters that give you a wonderful winter feeling!

Gallery walls in the living room

The living room is the ideal space to use an attractive gallery wall. A gallery wall with various framed posters makes your living space a lot less mainstream in a simple way. To give the room a little more dynamism, you could combine a few framed posters of different sizes. Our framed posters are available in up to 20 sizes, so there's plenty to choose from. Go for a few posters with atmospheric images and photos in calm colors to create a relaxed atmosphere. Or choose some eye-catching posters with colorful accents if you want something a little more cutting-edge.

Gallery Walls Silent night

Gallery walls in the kitchen

The kitchen usually is a practical space. But whether you live in a terraced house, a villa or an apartment, the kitchen is also the family hub where everyone gathers to start and end the day. That’s why this room deserves the necessary attention and coziness. Take inspiration from your cooking habits and create a tasteful gallery wall. A hot cup of chocolate milk, a creamy dessert, a plate of fresh oysters or delicious fresh fruit? As long as you like it! Hang them above the dining table, on a shelf above the counter, or any place that could use some decorating.

Gallery Walls Winter mornings

Gallery walls in the entrance hall

And finally: the entrance hall. The first room you see when you come home after a long day at work. But also the first room that your friends and family enter when visiting. Reasons enough to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Is your hallway rather small or narrow? Then go for a simple gallery wall with two or three matching posters. Is your entrance hall very spacious and is there still a large bare wall left? Then create a real eye-catcher with various framed posters in a striking composition. Not sure how to arrange your posters? Be sure to check out this short video in which we introduce our favorite compositions.

Gallery Walls Christmas tree

As you can see, almost every room in the house is suitable for a nice gallery wall. Soon we will show how you can give the bedroom, children's room and even bathroom a finished look with a nice gallery wall. Not only with framed posters, but also with paintings in other materials. Do you want to stay informed about our new blogs full of decorating tips and interior inspiration? Then make sure to sign up for our newsletter.

Gallery wall inspiration for each room

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