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Wallpaper trends for 2022


The wallpaper trend has been on the rise for several years now and it will not disappear in the coming years. There is nothing easier to quickly give your interior a completely new look. With non-woven wallpaper you apply the glue directly to the wall and you can immediately start applying. Those large buckets of glue and a wallpapering table are no longer necessary! At Nikkel Art we make wallpaper, but we are also real design fanatics who keep a close eye on trend predictions. Based on the most recent developments in interior design, we have selected the 7 most important wallpaper trends for 2022. Just like the wallpaper trends of 2021, the great thing about these trends is that they no longer come and go so quickly, but that they evolve further every year and last longer. This way you have enough time and inspiration to refresh your interior this year! Discover the wallpaper trends for 2022 and choose your favourite!

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#1 Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper, a trend from decades ago, which is hipper than ever thanks to the current fifties and sixties revival! The new designs mainly contain small, refined flowers and are particularly suitable for smaller spaces. The graceful designs are stylish and romantic and suit both a vintage and contemporary interior style. Is the room you want to wallpaper darker? Create the illusion of light and space by choosing a floral wallpaper with bright colors or pastel shades.

Wallpapers Spring floral pattern

Wallpapers Watercolor floral

Wallpapers Seamless pattern Linum Flax Jasmine Hemlock tree wildflowers. Beautiful fabric blooming realistic isolated flowers Vintage background Wallpaper baroque

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#2 Wallpaper with bright colours

There is nothing wrong with a minimalist interior, but the maximalist interior style will be the number one thing in the coming years! The latest interior collections are packed with bright colours, colourful wallpapers and busy prints. We like! Do you like daring combinations and cheerful colours? Then 2022 is your year! Choose a wall and make it a colourful eye-catcher that you cannot ignore!

Wallpapers Vector pastel abstract gradient stripe backgrounds

Wallpapers Vector doodle seamless pastel pattern with cute tigers. Tropical cats background. Boho wallpaper

Wallpapers Funky geometric shapes cut out collage seamless pattern in vector. Abstract floral tropical and geometry

Discover our collection: Wallpapers Colorful

#3 Painting and drawing lines

Wallpaper with stripes may sound like a classic trend, but the striped wallpaper from 2022 goes just one step further. The new designs feature multicolored designs and intricate line patterns in various painting and drawing styles, such as pinstripes and watercolor. This trend is currently still at an early stage, but you will see it more and more in interior collections and wallpaper ranges in the coming years.

Wallpapers striped hand drawn scandinavian seamless pattern light gray color rough texture

Wallpapers Coral color abstract striped watercolor seamless pattern. Raster hand painted background

Wallpapers Stripes texture. Seamless geometric pattern. Bright colors and simple shapes. Trendy seamless pattern designs

Discover our collection: Wallpapers Painting and drawing lines

#4 Wallpaper with depth effect (3D wallpaper)

Wallpaper with depth effect creates the illusion that the wall comes to life. It really gives your walls a 3D effect! Last year we already saw many designs with 3D art, but in 2022 we will see the trend more and more often on our walls and in the rest of our interior. Wallpaper with depth immediately gives the room a spectacular look. Do you want to make the room look a little more peaceful? Then go for 3D wallpaper with mainly light and neutral colors. This way the design remains calm and understated.

Wallpapers Abstract seamless pattern of geometric shapes with texture. Optical illusion of the volume and depth of the image

Wallpapers art decor swans pattern

Wallpapers Vector dark seamless pattern with light blue waves

Discover our collection: Wallpapers 3D

#5 Wallpaper with organic shapes

Wallpapers with shapes were already on the rise a few years ago, but have evolved a lot over the years. Today's designers are experimenting with organic patterns and putting more emphasis on nature-inspired designs. The trick with this wallpaper is to let the pattern shine in all its simplicity. Keep the rest of your interior simple, with furniture and decoration in calm colors and natural materials.

Wallpapers Trendy seamless pattern with abstract organic cut out Matisse inspired shapes of algae or corals in blue color

Wallpapers Organic shapes seamless pattern. Hand drawn vector illustration with abstract forms and lines, pastel colors. Background for prints, fabrics, posters, covers, social media posts

Wallpapers Bohemian trendy seamless pattern with abstract organic shapes of coral. Contemporary minimalist style inspired by Matisse

Discover our collection: Wallpapers Organic shapes

#6 Wallpaper with botanical prints

Botanical wallpaper already scored high in the wallpaper trends last year, but this trend will continue strongly in 2022 and we expect exactly the same for the coming years. The trend reflects the growing desire of the younger generation to care for our planet and be more connected to nature. The designs feature lush foliage, rich textures and brilliant greens, transforming the room into a botanical paradise.

Wallpapers Seamless pattern with exotic trees such us palm and banana

Wallpapers Tropical botanical vintage wild animals, plant, palm tree floral seamless pattern. Exotic jungle graphic wallpaper

Wallpapers Seamless pattern with tropical leaves on black background

Discover our collection: Wallpapers Botanical print

#7 Kids room wallpaper: natural prints

In 2022, children's room interiors will be full of designs and colors from nature. On the walls we mainly see wallpapers with illustrations of animals, flowers, trees, rainbows, mushrooms and even fruits and vegetables. The wallpaper trend is mainly characterized by simplicity and light colors - with a nod to the Scandinavian style - and gives your little one's room a nice and calm atmosphere.

Wallpapers Watercolor seamless pattern polka dot brown beige and lion. Hand drawn clipart. Perfect for card, tags, invitation, printing, wrapping, children's textile

Wallpapers Semless woodland pattern with cute bear, hedgehog, owl, fox and hand drawn elements. Scandinaviann style childish texture for fabric, textile, apparel, nursery decoration

Wallpapers Modern hand drawn seamless pattern. Various rainbows in sand palette. Trendy illustration for printing on textiles, wrapping papers, posters, covers, notebooks

Discover our collection: Wallpapers Out of Nature

As you can see, the latest wallpaper trends for 2022 are gorgeous again! This year is therefore the perfect time to refresh your walls. Even by wallpapering a single wall, you can breathe new life into the room. Order your new wallpaper in a few clicks, simply stick it on the wall and experience that new, fresh atmosphere for yourself.


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