Textiles with a romantic touch to decorate your home

Love a romantic interior style? You are not alone. Warm and soft hues, elegant materials and a nostalgic atmosphere, who doesn't love it? Decorating your house romantically is not that difficult, as long as you have an idea about how to combine the right colours and decorations. In this blog you can read all about romantic textiles to decorate your home, from romantic tablecloths to curtains. With fabrics as soft as a caress and colours as sweet as a tender, loving kiss.

Tablecloth Watercolor seamless pattern with white roses, delphinium, crocus and tulips

Romantic colours and patterns

A romantic interior sometimes resembles a rural interior but is just that little bit more romantic. Think romantic textiles and decorations with elegant patterns and graceful flowers and leaves. In terms of colours, light shades such as pastel rose, mint green and beige can predominate, but warm colours such as dark green, midnight blue and aubergine can immediately give your interior a romantic atmosphere. Do you find it difficult to choose between soft tones or dark colours? No problem, because within the romantic deco trend everything is allowed and no colour or print is too much. So feel free to combine them!

Throw pillow art vintage blurred monochrome blue

Velvety soft fabrics

Cuddly fabrics are part of a romantic interior like roses are part of Valentine's Day. Lush romantic curtains, an elegant tablecloth, a plush blanket with a romantic picture on the seat, and ornate pillows full of idyllic patterns in a silky fabric.... Romantic textiles take the romance of your interior to a higher level and give your home a wonderful, cozy atmosphere. By keeping the base calm and understated, you can easily play with all kinds of elegant textile accessories that give your interior an extra romantic cachet.

Would you like an interior in a romantic style as well? In our webshop you will find a wide choice of romantic textiles for a cosy, elegant atmosphere at home. To begin, have a look at our decorative pillows in romantic style and get inspired!

Plush blanket Pastel ethereal watercolor abstract seamless pattern


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