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Vintage and elegant: paisley in your interior


Back from never having gone: paisley! The Paisley pattern has been a staple in fashion and interior design for years. The pattern consists of several leaves with a pointed ending. The origin lies in India and the former Persia. It was not until the 19th century that paisley became all the rage in the West, partly thanks to Queen Victoria, who liked to wear paisley scarves. Due to its origin, paisley patterns often provide a classic, elegant impression with a touch of mysticism. Paisley has been popular and loved by major fashion and interior designers for decades. The pattern is not only nice on shirts or dresses, you can also create a beautiful vintage look in your interior with paisley. In this blog we show you a few ways you can decorate your home with paisley.

Paisley throw pillows

With a few decorative cushions you can introduce the paisley pattern in a subtle way in your interior. Do you want a more playful effect? Then you can combine a few paisley throw pillows in different colours. On the sofa, on your bed or on a smaller sofa or chair, a decorative cushion with a paisley pattern immediately adds an elegant retro touch to your interior.

Paisley perfect

Paisley as a tablecloth

A tablecloth immediately makes the room look more put together. Whether your interior style is country, contemporary or industrial, a tablecloth with a paisley pattern is chic and cool at the same time. To finish it off, you can combine the tablecloth with some decorative cushions in paisley on the chairs or the sofa in the living room. That way, that subtle vintage touch is reflected in various spaces in your home and you create a beautiful, cohesive interior.

Tablecloth Colorful Paisley pattern for textile

Paisley curtains

Paisley is a popular pattern for curtains. Is your home furnished in a minimalist or understated style? Then paisley curtains are perfect to break up the monotony. Curtains in a paisley pattern give the room an elegant flair. Keep your interior balanced by combining the paisley curtains with not too many other patterns in the room. That way it doesn't seem cluttery and you create a stylish and charming whole.

Curtains paisley seamless pattern

Paisley against your walls

Whether you're looking for a light and subtle patterned wallpaper to create a small eye-catcher or a colourful and vibrant pattern to brighten up the entire room, our collection of paisley patterned wallpapers has plenty to choose from. An entire wall in paisley wallpaper can give the room an entirely new look. If you prefer to play it down, you can wallpaper a smaller wall or part of the wall with paisley. Be surprised by the attractive colours and designs that can give each room an elegant, sophisticated look.

Wallpapers Paisley




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