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What are the differences between wallpaper and wall murals?


Lately we have seen a significant rise of wallpaper in modern living and office spaces. Wallpaper is therefore a fun and simple way to put a wall in the spotlight and give the room a new look. You can go in any direction with wallpaper: from a small accent wall to an entire room of wallpaper. Wallpaper is extremely trendy – just take a look at the wallpaper trends 2022 – but we also increasingly see custom wall murals in contemporary interiors. What is the difference between wallpaper and custom wall murals? In this blog article we explain it once and for all.

Wall murals Beautiful foggy autumn forest,trees reflection on lake

Difference wallpaper and wall mural: the design

The biggest difference between a wall mural and wallpaper is in the design. With wallpaper you stick a beautiful, repeating pattern against the wall, such as this wallpaper in Memphis style. With a wall mural, a large image is printed on wallpaper and the wallpaper strips form that image against the wall. The image on a wall mural is usually a photograph - like the beach wall mural below - but can also be an illustration. Unlike wallpaper, a wall mural is custom made for your specific space.

Wallpaper murals Hand Drawn Retro Seamless Pattern

Wall murals Wooden footpath on dune on Sylt. Entrance for the beach. North Germany

Difference wallpaper and wall mural: the material

At Nikkel Art you can choose from 3 types of photo wallpaper: wall mural, washable wall mural er and self-adhesive wall mural. In addition, there is 1 type of wallpaper, simply called 'wallpaper'.

Wallpaper and wall mural

Wall murals and wallpapers contain a lot of similarities. They are both made of top quality, 100% ecological and VOC-free non-woven wallpaper. Nonwoven material is durable, extremely sturdy, odorless and completely harmless to your health. You can therefore use non-woven wallpaper and non-woven wall murals completely safely in the kid’s room and in medical areas as well. The printing of the photo or pattern on the wallpaper is done in accordance with national and international safety standards in the field of fire safety and health. We use the most advanced, environmentally friendly printing techniques, with ink without harmful substances.

Wallpaper murals Watercolor nursery seamless pattern. Hand painted cute boho rainbow, eucalyptus leaves isolated on white background

Washable wall murals

At Nikkel Art, in addition to a non-woven wall mural, you can also choose from 2 other types of wall murals: washable wall mural and self-adhesive wall mural. A washable wall mural contains an extra laminate layer that makes the wall mural resistant to water, scratches and dirt. You can easily remove stains with a damp cloth. A washable wall mural is therefore photo wallpaper that is extra resistant to damage and extremely durable. Ideal for the bathroom, kitchen, children's room or stairwell.

Wallpaper murals Bloom. Vintage floral seamless pattern. Spring flowers. Green and brown

Self-adhesive wall murals

Self-adhesive wall murals are ideal if you really don't want to get started with glue. Thanks to the self-adhesive layer, you can easily stick the wallpaper to the wall. This type of wallpaper consists of very sturdy, environmentally friendly foil with a self-adhesive backing. Self-adhesive wall murals are scratch-resistant and can easily be dusted with a soft, dry cloth.

Peel and stick wall murals Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, nobody

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Similarities wallpaper and wall mural: high-quality finish

Whether you go for wallpaper or one of the 3 types of wall mural, they have one thing in common: they are all printed with the best ink on wallpaper material that meets the highest quality standards. The ink is UV-resistant, which protects the wallpaper and wall mural against discolouration due to UV rays. The result is beautiful wallpaper and custom wall murals with intensely radiant colours and razor-sharp details.

Wallpaper murals Seamless pattern. Realistic blooming isolated flowers Vintage fabric background

Wide choice of wall mural images and wallpaper patterns

In our webshop you can choose from millions of images and patterns with a razor-sharp image resolution to print on wallpaper or wall mural. From modern 3D wallpaper or a romantic floral print to a beautiful natural landscape or an impressive Scottish Highlander on a wall mural; the brilliant colours and details amaze every time. Thanks to the smart editing tool, you can also adjust any image or pattern the way you want. From resizing and enlarging to mirroring, cropping and converting colours to black and white.

Wall murals Young Zebra standing in the high grass

With wall murals and wallpaper you no longer need art or paint on the wall, but just a roll of wallpaper. Feel like getting started, but no idea how to wallpaper? With our simple step-by-step plan, wallpapering is a breeze! View interior inspiration with wall murals below and be inspired to give your walls a new look as well.


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