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Customized garden posters: 30 trends for garden and patio


You can give your garden, patio or balcony a cozy atmosphere with plants, patio furniture, lanterns… and garden posters! A garden poster is a real must-have and can brighten up your walls, fence or balcony in an instant. A garden poster is a soft, sturdy garden cloth with a beautiful photo or image that you can order to size. Your custom garden poster consists of durable material with beautiful colors and a matte appearance. How about a garden poster with a beautiful beach, mountains, a Buddha or a colorful view of Greece or Italy? Go for an XXL garden poster, a round garden poster or a smaller square copy. Whatever you choose, your garden poster invariably lifts the atmosphere in your garden or on your patio or balcony to a higher level.

Garden posters Mediterranean Europe

Garden poster Oia village at night, Santorini

1. Garden poster Santorini Greece

With a garden poster of Santorini in Greece, it's always a bit of a holiday. Get lost in the streets of dazzling Santorini with a garden poster of this beautiful Greek island on the wall. This garden poster shows a beautiful view of Santorini in the evening sun. The ideal atmosphere to give your garden or terrace a cozy, southern atmosphere.

Garden poster Beautiful colorful cityscape

2. Garden poster Cinque Terre Italy

Make your garden or terrace extra attractive with a garden poster from Mediterranean Europe. This garden poster with one of the colored villages of Cinque Terre, one of the most beautiful places in Italy, will instantly give your patio more color and charm. The brilliant colors are protected against discoloration and are guaranteed to shine for 3 years.

Garden poster Chairs with tables in typical Greek tavern in Little Venice part of Mykonos town, Mykonos island, Greece

3. Garden poster Mykonos Greece

The beautiful island of Mykonos in Greece is known for its clear blue waters and relaxed atmosphere. Bring that laid-back, relaxed atmosphere to your garden or terrace with a garden poster from Mykonos. Simply hang them up with metal rings and tensioners and enjoy a summery atmosphere in your garden all year round. Be sure to take a look at our garden posters with European places and discover the most beautiful places in Europe to order on garden poster.

Garden poster Spectacular spring cityscape of Polignano a Mare town, Puglia region, Italy, Europe. Colorful evening seascape of Adriatic sea. Traveling concept background

4. Garden poster Apulia Italy

A garden poster not only provides more color in the garden, but is also useful for creating more privacy. This beautiful XXL garden poster from Italy, in particular Apulia, shields your balcony from the prying eyes of your neighbors. You can order your Italy garden poster to size up to 1000 x 210 cm. This way it fits exactly where you want it to hang.

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Garden poster Morning view of Amalfi cityscape on coast line of mediterranean sea, Italy

5. Garden poster Amalfi Italy

Have you lost your heart to Italy? With a garden poster of the Amalfi Coast in Italy, you can now enjoy all the splendor of this charming, sunny coastal region from your own garden or terrace. Hang it against your outside wall, against a wooden fence or your balcony and bring the ultimate Italian holiday feeling into your home.

Garden poster Skyline panorama of Barcelona at sunrise. Spain

6. Garden poster Barcelona Spain

Barcelona, a magical city with lots of colorful mosaic art and beautiful architecture, all under the Spanish sun! An atmospheric garden poster from Barcelona gives your garden a warm, Mediterranean atmosphere. This garden poster shows you a beautiful view from Park Güell, the city park with colorful mosaic coast. Order it tailored to your garden wall and enjoy this beautiful view every day.

Garden posters with mountains

Garden poster Trolltunga, Troll's tongue rock, Norway

7. Garden poster Trolltunga Norway

The Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular cliffs in Norway. The hike to the summit is very strenuous, but you’ll be rewarded with a phenomenal view! Don't feel like doing that? With a garden poster of the Trolltunga you can also admire this enchanting view from your own garden. View our collection of garden posters with mountains and be inspired by the most beautiful mountain landscapes.

Garden poster Aurora borealis over Hamnoy in Norway

8. Garden poster Northern Lights Norway

In springtime, it's time to brighten up your garden! More of a winter and mountain lover? Then hold on to that ultimate winter feeling even longer with a beautiful garden poster. This beautiful picture shows you the phenomenal spectacle of the Northern Lights over an idyllic village in Norway. A garden poster with northern lights and mountains is perfect for adding a colorful touch to the lounge in your garden, your patio or even your balcony.

Garden poster lago di braies

9. Garden poster mountains Dolomites Italy

Even if you live in a busy city center, you can experience the ultimate peace and quiet of the mountains. With an enchanting garden poster of the Dolomites with a crystal clear lake and a beautiful view of the snowy mountains, you can bring the serene beauty of the mountains into your home. Create a real eye-catcher on your patio with a garden poster with mountains.

Garden poster Arnisee with Swiss Alps. Arnisee is a reservoir in the Canton of Uri, Switzerland, Europe

10. Garden poster mountains Swiss Alps

With its beautiful landscapes, many mountains, clear lakes and green meadows, the Alps are a true paradise for every nature lover. Do you have a long garden wall or weathered fence that could use some decoration? Then an XXL garden poster of the Alps is an excellent choice. Order your favorite photo of the Alps on garden poster and receive your Alps garden poster at your home within a few days.

Garden poster Scenic view on Bernese range above Bachalpsee lake. Popular tourist attraction. Location place Swiss alps, Grindelwald valley, Europe

11. Garden poster Alps mountains

An enclosed garden or terrace doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a beautiful view. Make your outdoor space a cozy area and enjoy a beautiful view at the same time with a garden poster of the Swiss Alps. And best of all, you can completely personalize the garden poster to your wishes. Order your garden poster with Alps as a wall circle, square or rectangle and make it a true showpiece for your garden.

Garden poster Spirit Island, Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

12. Garden poster mountains Canada

For many, a garden or patio is their ultimate relaxation spot. Is there a large concrete wall or bare fence that makes your garden look a bit empty and uninviting? A photo on a garden poster of a mountain landscape in Canada is ideal to camouflage that empty wall or fence and to give your outdoor space an atmospheric look.

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Garden poster The great tourist attraction of Cappadocia - balloon flight

13. Garden poster mountains panorama Turkey

A garden poster with mountains is a stylish way to decorate your garden or patio. But it's more than that! A garden poster with a mountain panorama is also the way to create more depth in your garden. This beautiful garden poster from Turkey with expanded panorama over the mountain landscape of Cappadocia is perfect for creating this effect in your garden or on your terrace.

Garden posters with beach and sea

Garden poster Landscape of paradise tropical island beach

14. Tropical beach garden poster

Complete your outdoor shower space with a garden poster with a tropical beach. Your custom garden poster with a tropical beach is durable, weatherproof and offers you a magical spectacle to dream of from your outdoor pool or lounge chair. The ideal setting for a stylish moment of relaxation.

Garden poster Travel concept. Amazing view of beautiful beach with longtale boat. Artistic picture. Beauty world. Panorama. Creative collage

15. Garden poster tropical beach Thailand

Thailand, a beautiful country with lush nature and a tropical atmosphere. Just bring that tropical atmosphere to your own garden with one of Thailand's most beautiful beaches, Railay beach on garden poster. In our photo selection you will find the most beautiful photos of this breathtaking piece of paradise. You can fully personalize your garden poster with Railay beach, from cut-out to size. Even in large format, the quality of the printout is excellent.

16. Garden poster beach Blankenberge Belgium

Flank your garden walls with a beautiful garden poster with a North Sea beach. This garden poster shows a view from the beach on the North Sea in Blankenberge, a picturesque coastal town in Belgium. The ideal view for anyone looking for a little more peace and serenity in their garden or on their terrace.

Garden poster Wooden footbridge walkway to beautiful beach Praia do Camilo on coast of Algarve region, Portugal

17. Garden poster beach Portugal Algarve

Do you love to be in your garden, but is your garden fence obstructing your view? A garden poster with a descent to the beach is a durable and decorative solution to broaden your view in the garden. Simply hang your garden poster with tensioners on your garden fence and enjoy a warm, soothing atmosphere every day.

Garden poster Empty hammock in the shade of palm trees on tropical Fiji

18. Garden poster tropical beach palm trees

Make your garden summer ready with a garden poster with palm trees on a tropical island. Plop down in your garden chair and imagine yourself in a hammock, under the swaying palm trees somewhere far from here. With a garden poster with palm trees you can enjoy a summer view in your garden every day. Beach vibes guaranteed.

Garden poster Abendstimmung am Leuchtturm in Podersdorf am Neusiedlersee

19. Garden poster with lighthouse

Give your patio or balcony more color and appearance with a garden poster with a lighthouse. The vibrant colors of the sunset and beautiful details make this serene image almost come to life. Simply fix your garden poster with a lighthouse against the fence and you're done!

Garden poster Idyllic beach Punta Rata in Brela aerial view

20. Garden poster tropical beach Croatia

Could your garden or terrace use some decoration? With a garden poster with tropical beach you can enjoy a paradise atmosphere at any time. Hang your tropical garden poster and imagine yourself on a warm tropical beach in Croatia. There is also nothing to stop you from hanging your garden poster against a wall where a lot of sun shines on it. The colors are resistant to UV radiation, so that they continue to shine intensely for years.

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Garden poster View on the old Faro de Maspalomas, an active 19th century lighthouse at the southern end of the Spanish island of Gran Canaria. Maspalomas, Spain

21. Garden poster Gran Canaria coast

Wall circles on the wall are all the rage. You can enjoy a trendy wall circle on a garden poster not only in your home, but also in the garden or on your terrace. This circular garden poster with an idyllic beach at sunset is the perfect mood image to brighten up that bare wall in the garden. Choose your favorite photo from the collection of wall circles with coastal photo, select a garden poster as the material and order your circular garden poster tailored to your garden wall.

View the collection: Coastal print on garden poster.

Garden poster Baie Beau Vallon - Beach on island Mahe in Seychelles

22. Garden poster with tropical island

With a garden poster with a tropical island against your fence or outside wall, you immediately get that ultimate summery and carefree feeling. The warm sun on your skin, the sand of a pearly white beach under your feet… A garden poster with a tropical island has it all.

Bridges on garden poster

Garden poster The Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset, San Francisco , CA

23. Garden poster Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge on garden poster is the perfect addition to your outdoor bar or garden patio. The vibrant colors and amazing details really highlight this impressive bridge. Order your custom garden poster with Golden Gate Bridge and give your garden terrace a colorful eye-catcher with character.

Garden poster Fantastic Autumn Landscape. Amazing sunset With colorful sky in Azalea and Rhododendron Park Kromlau

24. Garden poster Devil's Bridge

This photo of the Devil's Bridge or Rakotz Brücke on a garden poster gives your garden walls a beautiful, autumn-like look. The Rakötz Brucke is a fairytale bridge in Germany and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe. The beautiful orange and brown colors provide every garden, balcony or terrace with a pleasant and cozy autumn-like atmosphere.

Garden poster Long exposure shot at the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam, the Nederlands, during the blue hour with a view over the beautiful skyscrapers

25. Garden poster Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam

Do you want to give your garden a sleek look? Then decorate your outside walls with a custom garden poster with the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam. This beautiful bridge made of light blue steel is sometimes called 'the swan' because of its shapes and lines. This garden poster with Erasmus Bridge comes into its own perfectly in a garden or on a patio in a contemporary style.

Garden poster Panorama from Amsterdam in Netherlands at night

26. Garden poster Amsterdam canal with bridge

Do you live in the countryside, but are you actually a city person at heart? Then simply bring the bustling cosiness of the city to your home with a garden poster of Amsterdam. This beautiful panorama with a typical image of Amsterdam on a garden poster gives your garden or terrace that little bit of extra.

Waterfalls on garden poster

Garden poster Fresh morning view of pure water waterfall in Plitvice National Park

27. Garden poster waterfall Plitvice

Plitvice Park in Croatia is known for its breathtaking waterfalls and clear, turquoise lakes. A must-see for anyone planning to visit Croatia. View the collection of waterfalls garden posters and discover the most beautiful garden posters with waterfalls with which you can give your garden or patio more appearance.

Garden poster Buddha, silence and Waterfall

28. Garden poster Buddha waterfall

A relaxing moment in your jacuzzi in the garden is pure me-time. Complete your moment of relaxation with a garden poster with Buddha and a beautiful waterfall background. A garden poster with Buddha is a creative solution to cover that boring outside wall and also provides a soothing atmosphere.

Garden poster Beautiful waterfall background, summer Thailand, Asian

29. Garden poster waterfall Thailand

Waterfalls are beautiful natural phenomena that continue to amaze us. A garden poster with waterfalls exudes pure beauty and serenity. Give your outdoor space a beautiful eye-catcher that you can keep looking at with a garden poster with waterfalls. A garden poster with waterfalls comes into its own perfectly in a garden, as well as on a patio or balcony.

Garden poster Kikuchi valley, waterfall and ray in forest, Japan

30. Garden poster waterfall forest river

Are you looking for an eye-catcher to brighten up that empty wall or fence in the garden? Let your garden walls speak with a beautiful picture of a forest river on garden poster. A forest river garden poster is the perfect way to give your lounge corner in the garden a fresh and cozy look.

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