In the spotlight: framed posters in summer colors

Summer… who isn't looking forward to it! Those wonderful carefree days full of fun and sunshine. Can't wait for summer to arrive? Bring the sun into your home with a gallery wall in a cheerful color palette that immediately gives you a holiday feeling. Let the warmth of the summer months blow through your interior like a fresh breeze and melt away on these gallery walls with framed posters in sparkling summer colors.

(Even more) greenery at home with green posters

Bring the outdoors indoors by bringing more greenery into your home! You do not have to immediately run to the flower shop and invest greatly in plants. With a gallery wall in fresh green tones you can turn your interior into a true botanical paradise. Ideal for those who do not have green fingers or for those difficult dark places in the house where plants can hardly survive. From a framed poster in turquoise with an exotic lotus flower to framed posters in pistachio with green palm leaves. Nothing better for a trendy, tropical interior than a fresh touch of green!

Gallery Walls Summer pistachio

A sunny feeling with yellow posters

Are you longing for summer? Then just let the sun in! Framed posters in honey yellow colors are a warm feast for the eyes. Yellow represents summer, fun and energy. The ideal color to bring that optimistic summer atmosphere into your home. Combine different framed posters with photos in warm yellow colors and create the perfect summer gallery wall. A yellow framed poster with sunset, a cornfield with a warm yellow glow… there's no denying the power of yellow!

Gallery Walls Summery yellow

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A touch of feminine charm with pink posters

Pink is one of the most striking trend colors of the moment. When you think of summer you may not immediately think of pink, but it is also a real summer color. Pink is an intense, sweet color that exudes both playfulness and passion. By choosing a few brightly framed posters in pink colors you give your home a summer color accent that is also completely on-trend. Go for some framed posters in candy pink if your gallery wall can pop or go for some framed posters in light pink if you want to create a softer atmosphere.

Gallery Walls Candy pink

Whether you go for a complete gallery wall with several framed posters to create a summer atmosphere or just want a single original framed poster, everything is possible. Take a look at the inspiration page with gallery walls and be surprised!



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