7x aquarel nature tailor-made wall decorations

Aquarel or watercolor is one of the most graceful painting techniques available. Apply watercolor to the theme of nature, and you get a beautiful combination to style your interior: wall decoration with aquarel nature. Bring the beauty of nature into your home with an aquarel nature artwork and create a sense of harmony in any space. Order your beautiful aquarel nature artwork on photo wallpaper, canvas, plexiglass painting or even as a kitchen backdrop. Fully customized to your interior of course.

Wall murals Watercolor composition with forest animals and nature elements. Deer, fox, bear, green trees, pine, fir, flowers and mountains

1. Wall mural with aquarel forest in the kids room

Transform the kids' room into a breathtaking space with this fun aquarel nature wall mural. The forest landscape with a friendly bear, a fox and a hedgehog among the flowers are the ideal backdrop to give the nursery or baby room a charming look. Amaze your kids and give them the room of their dreams with this wall mural full of natural beauty.

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Canvas prints Watercolor hand painted cute latin alphabet letters in light nude brown color

2. Aquarel animals on canvas nursery

Give your little one's room an engaging look with this fun gallery wall with aquarel nature on canvas: on the left, an educational children's watercolor drawing with the letters of the alphabet, on the right, a watercolor drawing of a baby zebra. This fun combination not only adds educational value but is also incredibly cute. Perfect for dressing up the baby's room or nursery.

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Brushed aluminium prints Digital watercolor illustration of a bald eagle in flight

3. Aquarel bald eagle on brushed aluminum in the living room

Looking for a modern and cool eyecatcher for your living room? Then decorate the wall with watercolor nature on brushed aluminum. This impressive watercolor drawing of a bald eagle with wings spread will look beautiful in an industrial interior. The brushed aluminum ensures that the coarse texture of the aluminum remains visible, giving the painting a robust appearance.

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Framed poster Tulips flower in glass jar watercolor painting. Floral illustration isolated on white. Perfectly for stickers, poster, greeting design

4. Framed poster with aquarel tulips in the bedroom

Make your bedroom cozy with a framed poster with aquarel nature. This framed poster with pink watercolor tulips in a glass vase will give your bedroom a romantic feel and a serene look. Perfect for brightening up that one empty spot above your bed or nightstand. Do you have more room against the wall? Then combine it with other framed posters featuring aquarel nature art to create the perfect photo wall.

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Printed kitchen splashbacks Beautiful seamless pattern with hand drawn watercolor lemons and blue leaves

5. Printed kitchen splashback with watercolor lemons

Create an accent wall brimming with color in your kitchen with a printed kitchen splashback with aquarel nature. This cheerful design with watercolor lemons and blue leaves will make your daily moment in front of the pots and pans just that little bit more fun! Place behind your stove or across the full width of your sink to protect the entire kitchen wall from splashing water and grease.

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Acrylic prints Image of multicolored abstraction with watercolor elements and gold drops

6. Acrylic print with aquarel nature in the living room

Looking for a painting that captures your imagination? Then this abstract acrylic print with aquarel nature art is probably for you. Whether you go for a high gloss or a matte finish, an acrylic print with abstract aquarel nature art is guaranteed to add a touch of artistic charm. Personalize your acrylic print with aquarel nature completely to your liking and enjoy your unique watercolor decor piece every day.

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Wall Circles Oil painting landscape - autumn forest near the river, orange leaves

7. Self-adhesive wall circle with aquarel landscape in the bedroom

Nothing easier to give the bedroom a colorful touch than a self adhesive wall circle with aquarel nature. This beautiful watercolor painting of a forest landscape will turn your bedroom into a relaxing place where you can recharge your batteries. Order your self-adhesive wall circle with watercolor nature on size, so that it fits exactly in your interior. Also available in high gloss plexiglass, aluminum, and 5 other high-quality materials.

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