Monument decoration in the living room

A monument is an image or building with an artistic, cultural or scientific value. Think of a church, but also a statue, castle or even a landscape. Many monuments have become real tourist attractions, because of their special view or their important socio-cultural significance. Do you want a special eye-catcher in your living room or is there a certain monument that has an important meaning for you? Give it a nice place in your living room. Have a photo of a monument printed on a material of your choice and give your living room an authentic, cosmopolitan look.

Canvas prints PARMA, ITALY - APRIL 16, 2018: The fresco of Entry of Jesus in Jerusalem (Palm Sundy) in Duomo by Lattanzio Gambara (1567 - 1573)

1. Monument canvas print

With a canvas print of a monument in the living room, you can enjoy an inspiring work of art every day. From a photo of a famous statue to a close-up of a beautiful mural, such as this 16th-century fresco of Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem. Your canvas is custom made, printed in the most beautiful colors and personalized according to your wishes. The satin finish creates a cosy, homely atmosphere. Exactly what your living room needs.

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Door stickers Interior elements of the Red Fort in Agra, India

2. Door sticker with monument

Decorate your living room with a monument door sticker. This door sticker with a photo of the Red Fort instantly gives your living room interior more depth and color. The Red Fort is one of the most famous monuments in Delhi and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Choose a photo of a monument that has a special meaning to you or that you just really like and turn that door into the showpiece of your living room.

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Wall murals Oviedo,catedral de San Salvador

3. Wall mural with monument

Wall murals with a monument are the perfect way to give your living room interior a special look. In this living room you can see the Spanish San Salvador Cathedral, an imposing monument built in an eclectic style. The stunning colors and details of the wall mural really enliven the living room! View the collection of monument photos and have your monument wall mural made exactly to size for your walls.

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Brushed aluminium prints Beautiful close up af a face angel marble sculpture with a sweet expression that looks down

4. Monument brushed aluminum print

Give your living room a lot more personality with a photo of a monument on brushed aluminum. Whether you're going for a photo of an imposing building or a close-up of a beautiful sculpture, a photo of a monument on brushed aluminum is perfect to give your living room more radiance. The brushed aluminum gives the painting a special silvery sheen.

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Curtains Park vintage Italian landscape, gallery, marble sculpture, fountain, trees, bush floral seamless pattern green background

5. Monument pattern curtains

Do you want to give your living room an authentic look? Then go for custom curtains with a photo or image of a monument. These curtains with an Italian monument pattern combine a vintage vibe with a botanical look. Made to measure and fully adapted to your wishes, from the fabric thickness to the color of the curtain rings.

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Gallery Walls Monument

6. Framed posters with monument

Show your love for a certain authentic building, culture or country in your living room interior with a framed poster with a monument. The ideal wall decoration to dress up your living room walls. A framed poster with a monument gives your living room more cosiness and its own character. Go for one framed poster with a monument or create an interesting gallery wall by hanging several framed posters together.

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Acrylic prints View of Taj Mahal at sunset in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

7. Monument acrylic print

An acrylic print of a monument is ideal to give your living room more color and appearance. The high-gloss finish of the plexiglass painting gives the photo something luxurious. Choose your favorite photo of a monument and give it a nice place in your living room. This photo on plexiglass shows the Taj Mahal in India. This beautiful marble palace is one of the new 7 wonders of the world and gives your interior a wonderful appearance.

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