Summer feeling in the bedroom with these 5 tips

It's summer time! As summer progresses and temperatures rise, it becomes difficult not to spend the whole day outside. For those few moments when you are inside, the right atmosphere is essential. With the right decoration items you can bring that wonderful summer outdoor feeling into your bedroom. Lovely to retreat to after a sultry summer day. Read on for some easy ways to turn your bedroom into a true vacation paradise this summer.

1. Beach wall mural

Custom murals can give any room a real hotel feeling. Immerse your bedroom in the atmosphere of a luxury holiday resort by placing a life-size wall mural with an aerial view of the beach on the wall. That golden sand and clear sea in vibrant turquoise colors on wall murals… together they form the perfect combination of warm and cool colors for your bedroom. A summery color palette that you can keep looking at for hours. Can you already feel the warm sand under your bare feet?

Wall murals Abstract background imitating sea waves and water texture

2. Summer gallery wall

A gallery wall with colorful posters is the ideal way to bring the outdoors into your bedroom. Mix and match some nice posters with summer scenes in light, cheerful colours, such as these framed posters in melon colours. Hang them above your bed or another empty place and enjoy a relaxed summer atmosphere all summer long. As the seasons change, you can easily swap the framed posters with new ones. Be sure to take a look at the gallery walls page and be inspired by stylish gallery walls for every interior style and every season.

Gallery Walls Summer colors

3. Wallpaper with tropical leaves

Think of summer, think of tropical temperatures. By filling your bedroom with a number of exotic flowers and plants, you can create an ultimate tropical atmosphere in no time. Is your bedroom not very suitable for tropical plants, or is an urban jungle not really your thing? Then turn that one bare white wall into a colorful eye-catcher with summery tropical wallpaper. Browse through the Tropical Leaves Wallpaper collection and discover many summery designs. The lush patterns and cheerful colors will make you happy instantly!

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Wallpaper murals Abstract seamless pattern with colorful tropical leaves and flowers on a pastel background

4. A summery plush blanket

Warm summer days often mean sultry summer nights. But no matter how hot it is outside, most people cannot easily fall asleep without a blanket. And that makes sense, because at night you perspire and your body cools down. Is it one of those warm nights where the temperature just doesn't seem to drop? Then trade in your duvet for a lighter one. An airy plush blanket is ideal for getting through those sweltering summer nights. Do you want the blanket to match the tropical outside temperatures? Go crazy and go for a plush blanket with an island or sunset photo. The ideal way to add a pop of color to your bedroom!

Plush blanket Summer vacation on a tropical island with beautiful beach and palm trees

5. Mix and match different summer decorations

A well-decorated bedroom exudes more style and character. By choosing the right decoration items in light colours, you keep the whole thing fresh and airy. Decorate the head of your bed with a decorative wall sticker or furniture sticker with a palm tree pattern, hang some wall decorations with stylish photos here and there and finish the whole thing with one or more trendy decorative pillows with eye print in a cheerful color. Be creative and remember: even small changes can have a big effect. Scroll down and click the red button to start summer styling your bedroom!

Gallery Walls Bedroom summerfeeling


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