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The best kitchen wallpaper ideas


Do you want to give your kitchen a new look, but don't want to buy a completely new kitchen right away? Then wallpapering your kitchen is a good idea! Wallpaper may not be the first thing you think of when you want to renew your kitchen, but wallpaper or a wall mural in the kitchen can be very beautiful. In addition, there are also types of wallpaper with a washable protective layer, which you can therefore easily clean and are ideal for damp rooms such as a kitchen. In this blog we give you some nice wallpaper ideas to give your kitchen a new look, and we also show you where in our webshop you can find everything.

Wall mural in the kitchen

In the collection of Wall Murals Kitchen you will find a lot of nice photos that can give your kitchen a nice look. It is a kind of collection of photos with colorful food, watercolor illustrations of tasty recipes, and a number of atmospheric images on all kinds of subjects. With a custom wall mural, the wallpaper strips do not form a repetitive pattern on the wall, but a kind of wall-filling photo or print. Wall murals are always custom-made, you can determine exactly which part of the photo should be on the wall. Our advice is to choose Premium non-woven photo wallpaper for the kitchen instead of 'normal' non-woven photo wallpaper. This is slightly thicker and contains a washable protective layer that is resistant to moisture and scratches. It is nice to be able to carefully clean splashes of food and drinks with a soft, damp cloth and to keep your kitchen walls beautiful for longer.

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Wall murals Collection of bottles of wine on wooden cases

Photo wallpaper about cooking

Another category with nice wall mural ideas for the kitchen is the Collection Cooking Wall Murals. Here you will find wall murals with beautiful pictures of delicious food and drinks such as red hot peppers, delicious fresh fruit, a colorful assortment of spices and much more. Because there is such a wide range of wall murals for the kitchen, we have divided the collection into different subcategories, from Wall Murals with Herbs to Wall Murals with Wine. No idea what to choose? Then be sure to check out the Wall Mural Bestsellers Cooking page. Here you will find a selection of the best-selling wall murals from the collection of Wall Murals Cooking, each and every one of them beautiful pictures to decorate the kitchen with.

Wall murals Chocolate

Wallpaper kitchen

A nice aspect of wallpaper is that it can easily create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your kitchen. Certainly in contrast to paint, which in many cases can quickly provide a chilly appearance. Would you rather see wallpaper with a repetitive pattern against your kitchen wall instead of such a wall-filling artwork? Then be sure to take a look at the Wallpaper Kitchen collection. Here you will find lots of wallpapers full of fun patterns. Think of wallpaper with coffee beans, wallpaper with avocados and even wallpaper with tea leaves. You can order wallpaper in rolls of 10, 20 or 40 m. You can easily calculate how much wallpaper you need with the online wallpaper calculator. If you click on the wallpaper of your choice, you will see the wallpaper calculator on the left.

Wallpaper murals Coffee

Wallpaper murals Black and white tea time pattern

Have you become enthusiastic after reading this blog and would you also like wallpaper or a wall mural in the kitchen? Good choice! To start with, browse through the Kitchen Wallpaper collection and get inspired to give your kitchen walls a new look. Prefer something different? With our dozens of collections full of attractive wallpaper and wall murals, you will certainly find the atmosperic photo or pattern you are looking for!




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