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Recess Fitting. How to measure?

Recess FittingChoose this option when fitting your printed roller blinds inside the window recess.

When making your blind, we will make a small deduction of 4mm from the width you have entered. Don't worry though, this is just to ensure your blind fits properly and works perfectly within the recess.

You do not have to make any deductions yourself when measuring. Simply measure your recess, just as it is, using a metal tape measure and we'll make all the necessary deductions for you.

Exact Fitting. How to measure?

Exact FittingChoose this option when fitting your blind outside the window recess or when measuring an existing blind.

When measuring outside a recess, we recommend the blind overlaps by at least 70mm at the top and 50mm either side. This will minimise the amount of light that can leak through.

Bracket to bracket
Choose 'bracket to bracket' if you are measuring at the point where your brackets will sit or if you measure an existing blind from bracket to bracket. Remember the actual fabric of the blind will then be about 35mm narrower than this.

Fabric width
Choose 'fabric width' if you are measuring the area you want the fabric to cover or you measure the fabric of an existing blind. We'll make sure the fabric matches the sizes you enter but be aware that the brackets will add approx. 35mm extra to the overall size of your blind.

Printed roller blinds