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Measuring and Fitting Instructions

Kitchen splashbacks with print - design
Printed kitchen splashbacks - design
Kitchen splashbacks with print - realization
Printed kitchen splashbacks - realization

Measuring instructions: Printed kitchen splashback

Measure both the height and width of the desired space on 3 different places (high, medium and low). Always use the smallest size to order your glass panel and abstract 4 mm from (both in height and in width) to ensure that the glass panel fits. Example: the smallest measured size is 120 cm: you give a glass panel size of 120 cm-4 mm = 119.6 cm

Fitting instructions:

This is very easy to achieve with a zigzag figure on the Panel and then 5 cm. from the edge make a framework with non-aggressive mounting kit such as Pattex. Then seal the joints around and you're done!


If you want electrical sockets in your glass plate, then do your order online and send us a drawing per email with the right sizes. Here you will find examples

example 1

printed kitchen splashback

examlpe 2

printed kitchen splashback

example 3

kitchen splashback

example 4

printed kitchen splashback