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General terms and conditions

1. The website www.Nikkel-art.com and e-store are owned by Global Art Invest, hereinafter referred to as Global Art Invest.

2. Orders in the e-store can be placed via the website.

Personal data

1. Placing an order is equivalent to agreeing to the processing of the Purchaser’s personal data by Global Art Invest and for making an invoice without the Purchaser’s signature.

2. The personal data of the Purchaser shall be protected in accordance with the law on protecting personal data and shall not be transferred, sold or loaned to any other person or authority. The above mentioned data must be recorded in order to ensure compliance with the Purchasers’ orders.

3. Only the owner of the website and the e-store can access the personal data.

Performance of orders

1. The prices quoted in the shop are gross retail prices in British Pound Sterling.

2. Acceptance of the conditions and correct completion by the Purchaser of the order form which can be found on the e-store website are the conditions for fulfilment of the order.

3. Global Art Invest reserves the right to refuse to fulfil the order if there any doubts concerning the order - for example, if the order is placed with incorrect implementation options. In such a case, Global Art Invest shall contact the Purchaser in order to correct the order.

4. If the Purchaser does not confirm the order within 7 working days, the order shall not be fulfilled.

5. The Purchaser is obliged to provide his or her e-mail address and the phone number where he or she can be reached to confirm the order.

6. The Purchaser may cancel the order provided that its fulfilment has not commenced. Global Art Invest must be contacted for cancellation (through the communication channels listed in the e-store) and Global Art Invest must provide confirmation for the cancellation to be effective.

7. The performance time of the order is calculated from the moment of transfer of payment of the amount owed to the account of the owner of the e-store. As standard, the ordered and completed products are shipped within 7 days from the commencement of the performance of the order.

8. The fulfilment of the order consists of the manufacture of the product for the Purchaser according to the order form and the specification provided by the Purchaser in accordance with the implementation options; the fulfilment includes printing the selected image on the chosen material, packaging and shipping.

9. The products shall be shipped by a courier company to the address specified by the Purchaser on the order form. The products ordered may be collected personally, provided this is agreed in advance by phone.

10. Orders which are not confirmed within 7 days (by transferring payment of the sum due for the order or confirmation by phone) shall be cancelled

11. The price quoted for each product is binding at the time the Purchaser places the order. Global Art Invest reserves the right to change the prices of its range, to introduce new products in the range in its e-store, to introduce or cancel promotional offers in the e-store website and to make changes therein

12. A VAT invoice shall be made for each order. The VAT invoice shall be made at the moment that all goods ordered by the Purchaser are complete and ready for shipment.

13. Goods must be paid for in advance. Payment must be paid to Global Art Invest’ bank account, details of which are provided on confirmation of the order.


Guarantee and complaints

1. Global Art Invest offers a 12-month guarantee on goods sold in the e-store

2. Claims concerning mechanical damage during the shipment will be considered only at the time of accepting delivery in the presence of the courier. The condition for acceptance is the preparation of a complaint report in the presence of the courier

3. Complaints about courier shipments shall be made by the firm in accordance with the firm’s regulations.

4. The moment that damage to the shipment, which affects the condition of the package, is established upon delivery by the courier company, a complaint report must be submitted directly to the courier by making an appropriate report of the damage. A copy of the report must be delivered to Nikkel-art.com.

5. Global Art Invest must be contacted for any other complaints. The damaged product must then be sent to the address of the company as specified in § 1 point 1, along with proof of purchase.

6. If the complaint is accepted, the purchased item shall be repaired or replaced, or the price shall be refunded to a bank account specified by the Purchaser within 7 working days from the acceptance of the complaint. Global Art Invest shall also consider refunding shipping of the goods to the Purchaser on an individual basis, in particular where any errors attributable to Global Art Invest are concerned.

7. Goods for which refund, complaint or replacement are not accepted will be returned at the expense of the Purchaser.

Shipping & Returns

1. Shipping

Orders are shipped by UPS. Shipping costs may be charged depending on the number of products purchased.

Please remember to check the condition of the shipment in the presence of the courier. If there are any problems, complete a damage report and ask the courier to sign it. This is a condition for accepting a complaint.

2. Complaints, guarantees and service

Any problems that arise with products purchased from our e-store must be reported in writing immediately. One of our employees will contact you and discuss what action can be taken. Please do not return the product without prior consultation. In the case of unfounded complaints, we will not accept shipments that are not postage paid, and you will have to pay shipping costs yourself.

If the product is damaged in transit by the shipping company, acceptance of a complaint is conditional on a damage report signed by the courier. If a complaint is accepted, we will provide an identical product, or a cash refund if this is not possible. We may also agree to alternative compensation, such as exchange for another product. In the case of products printed with digital printing technology, please remember that the characteristics of this technology may cause small differences in colour between what is seen on a computer monitor and a print from an office printer. Such differences do not constitute grounds for complaint.

3. Return

You may return the order up to 10 days from date of receipt, without specifying a reason. In other cases, the possibilities and conditions of return must be agreed on an individual basis.

The shipment must always be opened and checked in the presence of the courier and any complaints concerning transport damage must be reported to the courier at the time of receipt of the shipment.

The following will not be accepted as returns:

Products that are damaged or show signs of use, copying or opening of the packaging. Products configured in accordance with individual orders, or products requiring individual services such as printouts, graphic overlays, cutting fabric to size, etc.

The product must be returned after prior consultation in an intact state (sealed) at the customer’s expense. The customer is responsible for transport damage to products being returned, or for their loss; insurance can be taken out with the shipping company. Shipping costs to the customer will not be refunded, nor will any related shipping insurance be refunded.


Technical defects include neither colour variations due to differences in colour reproduction by computer monitors nor actual damages resulting from use by the Purchaser.

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