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Questions and Answers

1. How do I place an order?

1. Find the photo you would like to use by using the search engine or by browsing the categories, or upload your own photo. Unable to decide? Then first create a collection online of your favourite photos, and choose the best later.

2. Fill in the dimensions, select the required part of the image, select the print material and any effects you want to apply (black and white, sepia, etc.), then add the item to your shopping cart.

3. Fill in a simple form, indicating the exact shipping address, contact phone number and e-mail.

4. Pay for your purchase with a secure electronic payment method or make a bank transfer, then wait until a courier delivers your order.

2. How do I use a discount code?

It’s very easy: add the items you want to your shopping cart. Then enter the code above the list of items in the shopping cart (see image below) and click add. The discount will be automatically calculated after entering a valid code.

Use the discount code when you place your order. If you have already placed your order and paid, the discount will not be applied. Don’t worry: you can simply use the unused code in your next order.

Current offers can be found on the homepage of our website, on Facebook, on our blog and in our newsletter.

More information about discount codes can be found under the discount codes tab.

3. How do I pay for my purchases?

You can pay for your purchase with secure electronic payment or a bank transfer. More information on payment methods can be found under the Payment tab.

4. What is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the product ordered. More information on delivery times can be found under the Delivery times tab.

5. What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs depend on the size and nature of the packaged article. More information on shipping costs can be found under the Shipping costs tab.

6. What should I do if the package arrives damaged?

If you notice that the package from Nikkel-art.com is damaged on arrival, open it and check its contents in the presence of the courier. Is the article damaged? Then complete a 'damage report’.

We will then send you the ordered product at no extra cost within 10 days (a longer delivery time of 20 days applies to glass products).

If you only notice damage to an article after the courier has already left, a ‘damage report’ or ‘complaint’ will no longer be recognised.

For more information, click here.

7. What happens if I am not happy with the product and want to exchange it?

Articles are specially made for you in the size requested. Please think about your purchase carefully in advance because, in this case, returns and exchanges are not possible.

8. Is the quality of the photo good enough for it to be enlarged to very big formats?

The images at Nikkel-art.com have all been carefully selected so that they meet the requirements of large-size printing. In addition, our employees check every order before printing begins. All the photos on our website meet strict requirements and are made in accordance with the demands of photography. If elements in the photo are out of focus - this mainly concerns the background of the photo, or photos that are focused on one element - then these parts will also be out of focus after printing.

Are you worried about the quality of the selected photo? After placing the order, we can send you a sample file with the photo. You can request this by making a note in the comments field when placing your order. Look at the sample file carefully, then confirm the photo by e-mail. Do you want to select a different photo after all? Just send us the number of the new photo. The delivery time is calculated from the time that you confirm the sample image.

How bigger the picture will be, the sharpness will be less. When you look at this from a realistic distance, is will be fine.

9. Can I select part of a photo, change the colour of a photo or print it in reverse?

A photo can always be adjusted. This allows you to convert the photo to black and white, sepia or full color, add an effect to a photo or rotate the photo. Only when you click on the 'Add to shopping cart' button all changes will be saved and we will send you to the order form. Until this time you can experiment with editing your photo.

10. Are my personal details secure? How are they protected?

Nikkel-art.com collects and uses customer data only for the mail order sale of items. This includes addresses, e-mails and phone numbers.

This data is not accessible to third parties. It is used solely to carry out customer orders and to inform customers about new products in our range.

- By placing an order, the customer expressly agrees to the processing and use of personal data for carrying out the order, handling any claims and simplifying any future purchases. This data is not used or processed for any other purpose whatsoever.

11. What should I do if I still have questions about my order?

If you are unable to find an answer to your question on our website, please call us or write to us. More information can be found under the Contact tab.

12. Will I be kept informed about the progress of my order?

We will inform you about any changes in the status of your order. Before shipping, you will be informed about the shipment and the day that the package will be delivered.

Order statuses:
- in preparation - the order has been placed correctly;
- waiting for payment - if you decide to pay by bank transfer, then this status will be displayed until the payment is credited to our bank account;
- payment accepted - if you decide to pay online, then this status will be displayed immediately after making payment. If you decide to pay by bank transfer, then this status will be displayed after the payment is credited to our bank account;
- in production - your order is being handled by the production department. We are totally committed to delivering your order on time;
- Your order has been shipped - your package has been transferred to the courier. You will receive an e-mail informing you that the package has been sent, along with a shipment tracking number so you can follow its progress until receiving it.

13. Are the colours on the print the same as on the monitor?

We are not liable for minor external differences between the delivered product and the product offered for sale. In terms of colour, the image you see on your monitor may differ slightly from the printed image. This is due to differences in the way images are displayed on monitors. Such deviations are not grounds for making complaints.

14. I have not been able to find a suitable image. Can I get help?

We can help you find an image, of course. Go to the Decoration Advice tab for more details.

15. I have received an item which is not in accordance with my order or which is missing some elements. What should I do?

Don’t worry: we will correct the error quickly. Please contact us immediately. We will try to supply any missing elements or exchange the item in accordance with your order.

16. Is the ink used in printing safe for children?

Our products are produced using state-of-the-art machines which are safe for people and eco-friendly. Our prints can therefore be hung in nursery schools, other schools, hospitals, public institutions, children's bedrooms, other bedrooms, etc.

17. Can I see photos of products made for other customers? I'm looking for inspiration.

Of course. Please view our Inspirations page with pictures of our customers’ products. All products are made by Nikkel-art.com.

18. What are the benefits of a newsletter subscription?

Subscribers to our newsletter receive information about current special offers and new products. The number of orders for a particular special offer in a given period is usually limited, so a subscription is worthwhile. The newsletter is usually sent out once a month.

19. Can I cancel my order or make any changes?

You can cancel your order of ask for changes within 15 minutes after making the order. The preparation for production will start after this period. Therefore, a cancellation or a change at a later time is unfortunately no longer possible. When you cancel the order, we will deduct a 10% administration costs from the total amount. If you request a change and the total price turns out to be cheaper than the amount you paid, you will receive a discount code from us that is worth the price difference. This discount code can be used with a next order and has a validity of 1 year.