Gallery Walls Gallery Walls Little kitchen garden

Gallery Walls Little kitchen garden

Set of 3 photos on canvas and 2 photos on plexiglass. A cheerful photo wall with cute vegetable illustrations. The bright colors brighten up the room and create a fun atmosphere at the table. Bet those veggies will suddenly go down a lot better with your kids?

Acrylic prints

An acrylic photo is printed crisply on original plexiglass of the highest quality. Thanks to the high gloss finish and professionally milled edges your plexiglass painting has a sleek and modern look.

Canvas prints

When printing a photo on canvas, the image is printed on a high-quality canvas with a linen structure and a silky gloss finish. Thanks to the superior printing quality, the colors are true to life and the smallest details are reproduced with razor sharpness.


Would you prefer one of the photos in a different size? No problem! Using the blue button, you can easily change the size of each painting.


All wall decorations are shipped in custom reinforced cardboard packaging to ensure they arrive to you in perfect condition.