In our trophy case: BeCommerce Sustainability Award 2020

Great news! BeCommerce chose us as the most sustainable webshop in Belgium. An award that we are extremely proud of. We therefore have a lot of green assets in house with which we were able to convince the jury and you. For example, our production has recently started running entirely on green energy. How do we make this possible? By installing no fewer than 148 solar panels on our roof. Furthermore, our products are always tailor-made, which means that we are never left with surpluses. By subjecting our products to a strict quality control before shipment, we also succeed in minimizing returns and thus limit our CO2 impact.

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Nikkel Art
And that’s not all. Our revolutionary packaging machine was also highly rated during the BeCommerce election. The cardboard boxes are always custom made for the product, which reduces the required packaging material by 30% and saves space during transport. An intervention that benefits both the environment and our courier services. Finally, our Greenguard Gold certified inks are also worth mentioning. These environmentally friendly inks are free of harmful substances and chemical components, which makes all our products 100% safe for your health.
To conclude, a big thank you to our loyal customers and great team for the massive support. This award is for you too!


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