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Are you looking for an Wallpaper murals?
Choose out of more than 100 million pattern and we will print each motif in your desired size!

Washable wallpaper murals
  • High-quality non-woven Wall murals
  • Provided with an extra layer of matt laminate
  • Rolls of 10, 20 and 40 m
  • Easy wallpapering
  • Razor-sharp details and vibrant colors
  • Ecological and durable
  • Production time: 2-5 workdays
  • Enjoy 20% OFF - Automatically applied
Make your interior dreams come true. With our personalized photo washable wallpaper murals rolls with a repeating pattern you give every room an original look and new atmosphere.

You will find numerous photo patterns in our wide range. From a geometric design or art deco pattern to a vintage floral motif, there is the suitable wall mural for every room and every taste. Our photo wallpaper rolls have a standard width of 48 cm and are 10, 20 or 40 m long. So you can easily cut them to the desired length yourself before you start wallpapering. A washable laminate layer protects the wallpaper against dirt, water and sunlight. This keeps your wall decoration looking like new.

Brighten up your retail space by decorating the walls with a wallpaper roll with a pattern of tropical plants or colorful Moroccan tiles. And wallpaper one of the walls of your kitchen, bedroom or children's room with a pattern of flowers, parrots or flamingos. Go for the pattern that suits you best and create the interior of your dreams.

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