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Are you looking for a Peel and Stick Wall Murals?
Then choose from 100 million photos and we will print any self-adhesive wall mural in your desired size!

  • Beautiful, smooth and very sturdy
  • Made to measure
  • No glue required: one side has a self-adhesive layer.
  • Razor-sharp details and vibrant colors
  • It is resistant to scratches
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Why choose Peel and stick wall murals?
Peel and stick wall murals is a popular choice for both home and commercial spaces. Here are some of the key features:

Easy Installation: Self-adhesive wall mural has an adhesive layer on the back, eliminating the need to use wallpaper glue. This usually makes installation easier and faster.

Removable: Peel and stick wall murals can be easily removed without damaging the wall. This can be useful if you want to change your style or if you live in a rental property.

Personalization: Like other types of wall murals, self-adhesive wall mural can be personalized with an image or design of your choice.

Durability: Our High Quality Peel and stick wall murals is durable and resistant to fading, it is also water and scratch resistant.

Maintenance: Self-adhesive wall mural is usually easy to clean with a damp cloth, depending on the material.

Suitable for Different Surfaces: Depending on the type of adhesive, it can be suitable for application on different surfaces such as walls, doors, and even furniture.

Cost: In general, Peel and stick wall mural can be more cost effective compared to traditional wallpapering methods because it does not require additional glue or professional installation.

Quality of the Substrate: For a successful application the surface must be smooth, clean and dry. Not suitable for rough or uneven surfaces.

Aesthetic Effect: Just like traditional photo wallpaper, a Peel and stick wall mural can create a powerful visual effect that can transform the atmosphere of a room.

Self-adhesive wall murals offer a convenient and versatile option for decorating rooms. It is important to consider the specific features and limitations of the product you choose so that it meets your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Choosing wallpaper:
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Help and advice
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Self-adhesive wall murals

Peel and stick wall murals lavender
  • Peel and stick wall murals is a beautiful, smooth and very sturdy material.
  • Intense matte colors with UV protection against discoloration.
  • It is resistant to scratches.
  • Choose from a rectangular or rounded shape.
  • The photo wall murals is non-woven, does not contain PVC and weighs approx. 200 g / m².
  • No glue required: one side has a self-adhesive layer.
  • Clean with a soft dry cloth if necessary.
  • Easy to hang: remove the foil on the back and stick the wall murals to the wall.
  • Each photo wall murals strip is professionally trimmed and has an 8 mm overlap strip.
  • When the width of the non-woven photo wall murals is, for example, 260 cm, the photo wall murals will consist of three identical parts.

What is Peel and stick wall murals

High-quality self-adhesive photo wall murals

Our custom made Peel and stick wall muralss consists of non-woven material without PVC, weighs 200 g / m² and can, if necessary, be dusted with a soft, dry cloth. This environmentally friendly photo wall murals has a self-adhesive layer on one side of the wall murals. So you don't need glue to decorate your interior with this scratch-resistant photo wall murals with a matte finish.

Intense colors are retained

The colors in the photo are the colors on the photo wall murals. Because thanks to a high-quality printing technique, all colors are guaranteed to be retained on the high-quality wall murals. And that for many years because the intense colors of this wall decoration are protected against discoloration.

Self-adhesive wall mural forest

Self-adhesive wall mural for children's room

Easy to apply without glue

You can easily apply the professionally trimmed self-adhesive photo wall murals to a clean, dust-free and smooth wall. And that without glue. Remove the foil little by little from the self-adhesive layer on the back of the photo wall murals. Glue the wall murals carefully to the wall, taking into account an overlap strip of 8 mm. Work accurately for a professional result.

Selective focus

A photo can be taken with the selective focus photo technique, also known as portrait mode. Certain parts of a photo are thus brought into sharper focus. The other parts of the photo are seen as a background, making them less sharp, they are also printed as such. This is not a printing error as the original photo was taken with this photo technique.

Custom made self-adhesive wall murals

Custom made self-adhesive photo wall murals, it means that every photo from our database can be made to measure. No matter how small or how big you want the photo wall murals. The only limit is the size of your walls.

When choosing a photo from our huge database, keep in mind that the selected image will be enlarged in proportion to the size of your wall. That means that every element of the photo will be enlarged.

Self-adhesive wall mural

Self-adhesive photo wall murals, completely custom made

With the self-adhesive photo wall murals, you can change your interior effortlessly. No hassle with glue, paint or wall murals rolls. Remove the protective film and stick your wall murals to the wall. It couldn't be easier. With us you not only have an incredibly extensive choice, but you can also order your self-adhesive wall murals completely custom-made. An accent wall or a full wall? You provide the measurements, we deliver a high-quality print. Do you want to design a self-adhesive wall murals with your own photo? That’s possible! You can easily upload the photo you want to our website to get started.

This is how you apply self-adhesive photo wall murals

Make sure the wall is clean, smooth and dry before applying your self-adhesive wall murals. Otherwise, your self-adhesive photo wall murals could come off after a while. It is also best to get rid of holes and irregularities, because they will remain visible. You can then apply the photo wall murals by carefully removing a piece of the protective film. Ask a friend to help you with this. While you are gluing the wall murals to the wall, the other person can smooth the wall murals with a felt trowel by removing the air bubbles under the foil along the side. Then remove another piece of protective film while pulling the self-adhesive photo wall murals tight and repeat the above procedure. If you order a large size, your self-adhesive photo wall murals will be delivered in several strips. In that case, you have to take into account an overlap of 8 mm. Always start on the left and make sure that the print fits nicely.

Self-adhesive wall murals for any style

Whatever room you wish to personalize, we help you to decorate it in a unique way. From kitchen to playroom, our self-adhesive photo wall murals turns that accent wall into a real eye-catcher. Determine the atmosphere you wish to create and choose from our huge selection of self-adhesive wall murals. Do you like an authentic look? Self-adhesive brick wall murals is a real classic. Thanks to the razor-sharp print, the print also appears very realistic. Are you looking for a photo that matches your Scandinavian style? Then our self-adhesive marble wall murals is undoubtedly for you. Luxurious, relaxing and completely on trend. Self-adhesive cork wall murals is also doing very well these days. The ideal choice for those who love natural materials and a serene look. Whichever self-adhesive photo wall murals you choose, we certainly have an option that fully matches your style and personality.