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Want to buy custom non-woven photo wall murals?
Choose from over 100 million photos and we will print your photo wallpaper in the desired size!

Wall murals
  • High-quality non-woven Wall murals
  • Made to measure
  • Printed on a beautiful, smooth, and very sturdy material
  • Razor-sharp details and vibrant colors
  • Ecological and durable
  • Fire protection class B1 (DIN EN 13501-1)
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  • Enjoy 25% OFF (already deducted)
  • From 29.04 $/m²

Discover the benefits of wall murals

Do you want to transform your interior with a unique and personal touch? Custom wall murals are the perfect solution for you. With a wide range of options such as non-woven photo wallpaper and washable wallpaper, we offer you the chance to turn your walls into a breathtaking scene. Here are the benefits of our wall murals designed especially for you:

Visually impactful wall murals

Transform your walls into a stunning piece of art. Whether you love landscapes, urban scenes, or abstract designs, custom wall murals create an unparalleled visual experience that brings any room to life.

Unique personalization with custom wall murals

Make your space unique with wall murals tailored to your preferences. Choose from over 100 million photos and patterns, and we will print your chosen design on the wallpaper in the desired size. Your choice, your style – a perfect way to express your personality in your interior.

Variety of materials for custom wall murals

Our range includes different types of wall murals wallpaper, such as non-woven photo wallpaper, washable photo wallpaper, and self-adhesive photo wallpaper. Each material has its unique characteristics and benefits, ensuring you make the best choice for your specific needs.

Spatial transformation with wall murals for home

Create the illusion of more space or light, or add coziness with the right design. A well-chosen wall mural can make a room feel larger, brighter, and more inviting.

Quick and effective transformation with wall paper murals

Quickly and easily change the look of a room with custom wall murals. From a dull wall to a striking focal point, the transformation is both fast and visually appealing.

Long-lasting quality of wall murals

Our non-woven photo wallpaper is designed for durability and easy maintenance, making it ideal for any space, including damp areas like bathrooms and kitchens. You can count on lasting quality and a long-lasting beautiful result.

Easy installation of custom wall murals

Installing our wall murals is simple and quick. We provide detailed instructions and a handy 'How To' video to ensure your wallpaper is applied flawlessly, even if you're not an experienced handyman.

Endless style choices with wall murals wallpaper

With a wide selection of styles, from realistic nature scenes to modern art, there's always something that perfectly matches your taste. Wall murals offer endless possibilities to decorate your space in a unique and stylish way.

Custom-made wall murals

Our wall murals are fully custom-made to fit your space perfectly. Whether it's a small corner or a large wall, we ensure your wall mural fits perfectly.

Odorless, eco-friendly, and 100% safe

Our wall murals are odorless and environmentally friendly. They are 100% safe for use in any room, including children's rooms and sensitive environments. We strive for sustainability and safety in all our products.

Fire safety class according to DIN EN 13501-1, B1

Our wall murals comply with the fire safety class according to DIN EN 13501-1, B1. This means they are safe to use in both commercial and residential spaces without worrying about fire hazards.

With custom wall murals, you create a dynamic and aesthetic change in any space. Ideal for both business and personal spaces, wall murals offer a creative and impactful option for interior decoration. Don't wait any longer and discover your style with our extensive range of wall murals wallpaper now!

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Wall murals

Wall murals forest
  • Non-woven wall murals are printed on a beautiful, smooth and very sturdy material.
  • Intense colors with UV protection against fading.
  • It is resistant to scratches.
  • The wallpaper is non-woven, contains no PVC and weighs approx. 150 g/m².
  • Fire protection class in accordance with standard DIN EN 13501-1, B1.
  • Our wall murals are applied to the wall using the standard wallpapering technique.
  • The non-woven wallpaper can be cleaned with a soft dry cloth.
  • Easy wallpapering: each strip of wall mural is professionally trimmed without overlap.
  • The bandwidth is 48 cm. The width of the last piece depends on the size chosen.

Compare photo wallpaper:

Nonwoven wall murals

  • - PVC-free non-woven material.
  • - Weight: 150g/m².
  • - Easy to apply: no decorator needed.
  • - Matt finish.
  • - Width of one strip: 48cm.
  • - Not harmful to health and 100% odorless.
  • - Durable and damage resistant.
  • - Fire classification according to EN 13501-1.

  • + Top quality non-woven photo wallpaper.
  • + Stable: hardly shrinks or stretches.
  • + Inexpensive wall murals

Our non-woven photo wall murals are printed on a beautiful, lively and sturdy material.

Thanks to the 48 cm wide strips, it is easy to apply yourself on smooth and even walls.

The wallpaper is printed with excellent print resolution with vibrant colors.

Without additional laminate, it is suitable for rooms where there is no direct contact with the walls.

To extend the life of the wallpaper, we recommend choosing the option with a protective laminate, which will allow you to easily clean the wallpaper and protect it from scratches.

Premium non-woven photo wallpaper

    • - PVC-free non-woven material.
    • - Weight: 170g/m².
    • - Easy to apply: no decorator needed.
    • - Extra matte finish.
    • - The width of one strip: 48 cm.
    • - Not harmful to health and 100% odorless.
    • - Extremely durable and damage resistant.
    • - Fire classification according to EN 13501-1.

  • + Top quality non-woven photo wallpaper.
  • + Stable: hardly shrinks or stretches.
  • + Provided with an extra layer of matt laminate.
  • + Extra strong.
  • + Washable wallpaper.
  • + Does not reflect.
  • + Very good scratch resistance.
  • + Water resistant.

Our thick premium non-woven wall murals are covered with a laminate layer and have a beautiful, smooth matte finish.

This makes it washable, does not reflect, has very good scratch resistance and is water resistant.

This makes the wall mural extremely durable and resistant to damage. The material is stable, hardly shrinks or stretches.

Due to its thickness and the 48cm wide strips, it is easy to apply yourself on smooth and even walls.

It is printed in excellent print resolution with vibrant colors.

With additional laminate, it is suitable for rooms where there is direct contact with the walls.

This photo wallpaper is a high-quality wall covering suitable for all rooms at home, commercial spaces, hotel and catering venues.

The wall murals are perfect for damp rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

You can easily remove everyday dirt.

What are nonwoven wall murals

High-quality non-woven wallpaper

Our custom non-woven wall murals consists of a sturdy non-woven material that has a smooth feel. This non-woven wallpaper weighs 150 g/m², does not contain PVC and can be dusted with a soft, dry cloth if necessary. The advantage of this high-quality photo wallpaper? It will not shrink or expand when you coat it with wallpaper glue. And that is very important in such precision work as wallpapering.

Intense colors guaranteed

The colors in the photo are the colors on the non-woven photo wallpaper. Because thanks to a high-quality printing technique, all colors are guaranteed to be retained on the wallpaper. The intense colors of the non-woven photo wallpaper are also protected against discolouration. This way you can enjoy your personalized wall mural for many years to come.

Wall murals Mountains

Wall murals Beach

Fireproof non-woven wall murals

Our non-woven wall murals are produced in accordance with the fire protection standard DIN EN 13501-1 and have a fire-retardant effect. So you can sleep soundly with this fireproof wallpaper in your bedroom. Or in any room.

Easy wallpapering

You can easily apply the non-woven wall mural to a clean wall using the standard wallpapering technique. The wall mural is divided into separate strips of a handy size to make wallpapering easier. For example, if your custom non-woven wall mural is 240 cm wide, we will divide it into five equal parts of 48 cm without overlapping. This way you can easily attach the numbered strips to the wall with the help of the enclosed detailed installation instructions.

Selective focus

A photo can be taken with the selective focus photo technique, also known as portrait mode. Certain parts of a photo are thus brought into sharper focus. The other parts of the photo are seen as a background, making them less sharp, they are also printed as such. This is not a printing error as the original photo was taken with this photo technique.

Custom non-woven wall mural

Custom wall murals, this means that every photo from our range can be made to measure. No matter how small or how large you want the wall mural to be. The only limit is the size of your walls.

When you choose a photo from our wide range, keep in mind that the selected image will be enlarged in proportion to the size of your wall. This means that every element of the photo is also enlarged.

Even the smallest details of the photo are magnified and are clearly visible on your wall mural. When choosing a photo, it is therefore best to keep in mind that the photo is an enlargement that must be viewed from a suitable distance.

We offer an excellent print quality and use ecological and the best materials. The 100 million beautiful photos from our range were taken by professionals. We can guarantee that you will receive a top-quality photo. However, we cannot guarantee that the enlarged details on the photo wallpaper will retain their actual size.

Would you like more information? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Wall murals

Create your dream interior with custom photo wallpaper

Those perfect dream interiors that you see daily on Instagram? Soon yours will be in between! With our personalized wall murals you can transform an everyday interior into a Pinterest proof picture in no time. As if it has walked right out of a professional catalog. Our high-quality wall murale are also very easy to apply, anyone can do it. Apply the adhesive directly to the wall and simply stick the numbered strips of the wall mural to the wall in the correct order.

The wall mural is divided into easy-to-handle strips of 48 cm wide, which you can easily maneuver until they hang exactly right. So you don't need professional help to apply your wall mural. On the contrary, you can do the job all by yourself!

Wall murals Many Aspen trees in a forest during autumn time
Wall mural with aquarel forest in the kids room

Personalized wall mural of the highest quality

We attach great importance to the quality of our wall murals. That is why we only work with high-quality materials and the very best printing machines. In this way we ensure that even the smallest details of your personalized photo wallpaper are preserved, and that the colors will shine just as intensely after years. However, quality prints start with quality images. In our large collection of wall murals you will therefore only find photos that meet the highest quality requirements.

If you prefer to have your own photo printed on wallpaper murals, you can upload one via our website. If you are unsure about the quality, you can always request a proof. We will then send you an example file so that you can decide whether the wall mural meets your needs.

Wall mural as an atmosphere in any interior

Would you like to get started with a wall mural, but you are not sure what to choose? To begin with, determine what atmosphere the room should radiate. Forests, mountains or waterfalls on a wall mural are ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere. They are therefore a popular choice for areas such as the bedroom and bathroom.

In short, places where you mainly want to relax. On the other hand, do you need to give your wall mural a little more spice? Then you better choose a real eye-catcher. A wall mural with animals or geometric motifs always catches the eye. But also those who want to add a touch of luxury to their interior will certainly find their thing in our large collection of wall murals. An abstract work of art or a stylish black and white portrait? Choose what you feel good about.

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World map wall murals
Photo wallpaper tropical island

Make your walls unforgettable with your own wall mural!

Do you want to give your walls a unique and personal touch? Have your own photo printed on a wall mural, washable wall mural or peel and stick wall murals! Whether it's a special photo of your family, a beautiful landscape or a funny selfie, your own photo on the wallpaper creates a special, unforgettable moment for your wall.

So what are you waiting for? Make your walls a party with a unique and personalized gift that you will always cherish!

How many pixels do you need for a beautiful result?

If you want to print wallpaper with your own photo, it is important to know how many pixels you need for the desired size. The resolution of your photo determines the quality of the end result. To achieve perfect quality, we recommend using at least 1000x1000 px or 150 dpi. If you use more pixels, the photo wallpaper will become brighter, sharper and more lifelike.

Our quality control ensures that your photo on wallpaper looks great. So, upload your own photo and we'll take care of the rest!

Photo wallpaper fall landscape
Wall mural with beach

Why choose this high-quality wall mural?

Choose this high-quality wall mural to transform your wall into a living work of art or to make a statement in any interior. The wall mural is printed with a high resolution of 600 dpi, which produces a razor-sharp image with lifelike colors and details.

This gives a beautiful visual impact and creates an impressive atmosphere. In addition, it is durable, easy to apply and maintain. It is an investment that can significantly improve the look of a room and can be adapted to the individual taste and style of each household.

Which wall mural for the living room?

There are various options for the living room, depending on the atmosphere you want to create. For example, if you prefer a modern and urban atmosphere, you can choose a wall mural with a cityscape or an abstract pattern. For a more natural look, you can choose a wall mural with landscapes or flowers.

If you want to emphasize a certain color in your living room, a wall mural with a pattern in that color can be a good choice. Another option is a wall mural with an artistic painting or mural that will add a touch of art to your space. Ultimately, the choice for a mural depends on your personal taste and style.

Wall mural with forest
Photo wallpaper sea view

Which wall mural for your bedroom?

When choosing a wall mural for the bedroom, you can consider different options, depending on your preference. Here are some ideas:

Natural motifs: If you want to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom, you can choose a wall mural with a natural motif. Photos of forests, beaches, mountains or flowers can be a nice option.

Abstract patterns: If you prefer a more modern and minimalist bedroom, you can choose a wall mural with abstract patterns or geometric shapes. Both subtle and more striking patterns are possible.

Cityscape wall mural: If you want to add an urban flair to the bedroom, you can opt for a cityscape wall mural. For example, you can choose a skyline or a specific landmark.

Personal photos: If you want a very individual touch in your bedroom, you can also have your own photo printed as a wall mural. For example, you can choose a photo of a special place or a special person.

It is important to know that the motif of the wall mural must always match your interior and your personal taste.