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  • High-quality non-woven Wall murals
  • Customised.
  • Odorless, ecological and 100% safe.
  • Fire protection class in accordance with the standard DIN EN 13501-1, B1.
  • Razor-sharp details and vibrant colors
  • Ecological and durable
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Why choose wallpaper murals?
wallpaper murals is a material used to cover and decorate walls. It is available in different types, each with its own specific properties. Here are the general properties of wallpaper:

Variety of Designs: wallpaper murals comes in an endless array of colors, patterns and textures. This offers many possibilities for personalization and matching different interior styles.

Materials: We offer two materials: non-woven wallpaper and washable wallpaper. Each material has its own characteristics, such as durability and washability.

Installation: Applying a mural is very simple, but it may be helpful to hire a professional. You will receive installation instructions from us with each mural. Would you like to see how it works in practice? Watch our instructional video: How To Place Your Wall Murals

Durability: Some types of wallpaper murals, such as washable wallpaper, are very durable and resistant to wear, moisture and fading. This makes them suitable for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Maintenance: Depending on the material: wallpaper murals is easy to clean with a cloth. Washable wallpaper murals can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Cost: The price of wallpaper murals can vary depending on the size, material, and complexity of the design.

Aesthetic Impact: Wallpaper murals has a big visual impact, from subtle, sophisticated patterns to bold, eye-catching designs. It can be used to create an accent wall or transform the entire space.

Suitable for Different Spaces: Wallpaper murals can be used in almost any room of the home, including living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and even bathrooms (with the right type).

Influence on the Space: By playing with colours, patterns and textures, wallpaper murals can make a space feel larger, smaller, lighter or cozier.

Eco-friendly: Our wallpaper murals is made of non-woven material and printed by eco-friendly printing methods.

Removal: Our wallpaper murals is designed to be easily removed without damaging the wall.

Soundproofing: Our wallpaper murals can also help with soundproofing, which can create a quieter and more comfortable living environment.

Wallpaper offers a flexible and versatile solution for wall decoration and can be adapted to different tastes, needs and budgets. Choosing the right type of wallpaper murals depends on the specific requirements of the room and your personal preferences.

Choosing wallpaper:
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Wallpapers murals
  • Non-woven wallpaper murals is a beautiful, smooth and very sturdy material.
  • Digital printing technology based on dry toners.
  • Superior quality, vivid colors and razor-sharp details.
  • Odorless, ecological and 100% safe.
  • The non-woven wallpaper is non-woven, contains no PVC and weighs approx. 150 g/m².
  • Fire protection class in accordance with the standard DIN EN 13501-1, B1.
  • Can be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth.
  • Easy to install with strokes of 18,9 inch / 48 cm width.
  • A washable laminate layer protects against dirt, damp, scratches and sunlight.

Why choose the wallpaper roll?

Quality non-woven wallpaper murals

Our non-woven wallpaper murals consists of a sturdy non-woven material that feels smooth. The wallpaper weighs 150 g / m², contains no PVC and can be dusted with a damp microfibre cloth if necessary. Use the recommended adhesive and carefully follow the wallpaper murals instructions provided to prevent the non-woven wallpaper from shrinking when it dries.

Innovative printing technique

Our state-of-the-art printer with 1200 dpi resolution ensures excellent print quality. The intense colors and lifelike details of our digital prints make the non-woven wallpaper shine. The dry toners are odorless, ecological and 100% safe for children as well as areas where food is consumed. A washable laminate layer protects your custom non-woven wallpaper against dirt, damp, scratches and discoloration so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Wallpaper with cherry blossoms

Wallpaper murals Woodblock printed seamless ethnic all over floral pattern

Fireproof non-woven wallpaper murals

Our non-woven wallpaper meets the fire safety standard DIN EN 13501-1, which means that it is difficult to ignite and has a fire-retardant effect. So you can sleep on both ears with this fireproof wallpaper in your bedroom, or in any room.

Easy to apply

Our non-woven wallpaper is supplied in handy strips of 48 cm wide and you can easily apply it on your own, using the standard wallpaper murals technique. With our detailed wallpaper instructions, wallpapering becomes child's play.

Custom made wallpaper murals rolls

In our online catalogue, you will find the perfect pattern for any room or style. Our patterns are designed by professionals, so you’re sure to receive top quality prints. Even the smallest details will be razor-sharp. In the editing tool you can even adjust the pattern density to your own taste.

The pattern repeats itself over the entire length of the wallpaper roll. When applying the wallpaper, please note that you may have to cut away a few inches at the top to make sure the pattern fits.


Wallpaper murals Watercolor tropical leaves seamless pattern

Custom wallpaper prints

If you want to order custom-made wallpaper murals, you've come to the right place. In our online database you will find countless prints to personalize your interior completely. From tropical plants over ceramic tiles to cool graffiti: the choice is truly endless.

Moreover, all our wallpaper prints can be individually edited until they are just right. Mirror, rotate, zoom in and out... experiment until you are 100% satisfied with your chosen wallpaper.

Do you already have a nice motif in mind? Let us know and we will make sure that your favorite wallpaper murals print will soon be hanging on your wall.

Wallpaper prints sorted by color, theme or style

Are you looking for a nice wallpapers to brighten up your home, but don't have a clear idea yet? Get inspired by the many wallpaper prints on our website.

With our handy search function you can sort the results by color, theme or style. For example, if you have a calming green color scheme in mind for the new nursery, you can indicate in the search filter that you are looking for wall murals.

Conversely, you can also search within a particular style, ranging from vintage or modern to art deco. Choose the style that typifies you and let yourself be surprised by the multitude of patterns.

Or take a look at our best-selling wallpapers. Wallpapers with floral or geometric patterns are always a hit.

Wallpaper with zodiac pattern
Zebra wallpaper

Fast delivery of print wallpaper murals

Once you have chosen your dream print, you will of course want to get started right away. We therefore do everything to deliver your wallpaper with print as quickly as possible. Because we print in our own workshop, you will receive your wallpaper at home within two working days after ordering.

Do you want to wallpaper an extra wall later on or did you accidentally undercount a roll? You can easily reorder your favorite pattern. Our print wallpaper is always made to order and will therefore never be sold out. Our state-of-the-art printer also guarantees that the colors of the new roll of wallpaper murals will be exactly the same.

Wallpaper of exceptional quality

Our print wallpaper is made of sturdy nonwoven material that you can, if desired, add an additional laminate layer that protects against dirt, moisture and scratches. This is particularly recommended in a professional context and for rooms where contact with the walls is unavoidable.

Think of a kitchen, bathroom, children's room or entrance hall. With or without protective layer, thanks to the intense colors and lifelike details, your print wallpaper will shine regardless.

Behang (BE) | Behang (NL) | Tapeten (DE) | Tapeten (AT) | Tapeten (CH) | Wallpaper murals (Co UK) | Papier peint (FR) | Papier peint (BE)

Scandinavian nature wallpaper
Wallpaper with toucans

Buy wallpaper?

Do you want to buy affordable wallpaper? Nikkel-Art.co.uk is the answer! Fancy a makeover of your house or are you moving to a new home? Nikkel-Art.co.uk offers an extensive and affordable selection of wallpaper murals in various styles and colors.

Choose from wallpaper or washable wallpaper. Whether you prefer a modern, industrial or classic look, there is always a type of wallpaper that matches your taste. Applying wallpaper becomes child's play with the help of the wallpaper tools from Nikkel-Art.co.uk.

For a children's or baby room, Nikkel-Art.co.uk has a special collection of children's wallpaper with fun and cool colors and patterns. Do you find it difficult to make a choice or do you not know exactly how to wallpaper? Then take a look at the handy wallpaper tips and inspiration that Nikkel-Art.co.uk offers.

Wallpaper for living room and bedroom

Wallpaper is one of the most versatile ways to decorate your living room and bedroom . It can transform your walls from dull and flat to stylish and vibrant, adding a personal touch to your interior.

With our range of wallpaper for the living room and bedroom, we want to inspire you to give free rein to your creativity and transform your home into a beautiful space . Our collection includes a variety of styles, colors and patterns that perfectly suit different tastes and preferences.

Whether you 're going for a simple and subtle look or want a bold and eye-catching design, we're sure to have something to suit your needs. Our wallpaper is made of high-quality materials and is resistant to moisture and discoloration, so it lasts a long time and gives your home a beautiful look for years to come .

Wallpaper is not only a decorative option, but can also serve a practical purpose. It can protect your walls from scratches and damage and can also have an insulating effect.

We are passionate about providing high-quality wallpaper that transforms your home into a beautiful, stylish and personalized environment. View our collection and be inspired by the many possibilities that wallpaper offers for your living room and bedroom.

Wallpaper with geometric black and white pattern
Avocado wall paper

Wallpaper for kitchen and bathroom

Wallpaper is not only suitable for the living room and bedroom, but can also be a fantastic option for your kitchen and bathroom. It can transform these spaces from ordinary to extraordinary and add a touch of personality to the space.

Our wallpaper collection for kitchen and bathroom offers an extensive selection of high-quality wallpapers that are resistant to moisture and are therefore perfect for these spaces. Whether you 're going for a subtle or bold look, we have an extensive selection of colors and patterns to suit your needs perfectly.

Wallpaper murals for kitchen and bathroom not only offers decorative possibilities, but can also be practical. It can protect your walls from moisture and can also have an insulating effect. Moreover, wallpaper is an affordable way to transform your kitchen and bathroom without major renovations .

Discover our collection of wallpaper for kitchen and bathroom and be inspired by the many possibilities that wallpaper can offer for transforming these spaces. With wallpaper you create a personal and unique look that fits perfectly with your taste and style.

Wallpaper: The Magic of a Timeless Interior

A timeless interior, it may sound like an unattainable dream. But with the right choice of wallpaper, that dream can come true. Choosing wallpaper for a timeless interior requires a balanced approach to style, color and texture. The result is an environment where harmony and serenity reign, and where you will feel at home for years to come.

Enter the world of timeless wallpaper, where the boundaries of trends fade and timeless elegance is central. Here it's all about finding classic patterns and subtle textures that create a soothing effect. Think of soft, neutral colors that do not dominate but rather merge with the interior, creating a soothing background for the personal accents in your home.

A timeless interior is like a beautiful work of art, with the wallpaper acting as a canvas that balances the composition. This does not mean that you should choose wallpaper without character, on the contrary! It's about finding a pattern that exudes both sophistication and a touch of personality.

Be inspired by the power of wallpaper for a timeless interior. It is a magical interplay of style, color and texture that will stand the test of time and transform your home into a true haven of peace and comfort. Dare to take the step and choose an interior that you can enjoy undisturbed for years .

Wallpaper with leaf print
Daisies wallpaper

Choose your wallpaper with the color that reflects you

In our special wallpaper collection, you can find the ideal wallpaper that matches your personal style and the colors that reflect you . In our various categories such as black white, black gold, green , white , orange , yellow , gray , burgundy , dark blue, brown , red , light pink , beige , t urquoise , b lukewarm white, blue gold and pastel , you will undoubtedly find the wallpaper that brings your interior to life.

Our inspiring and unique wallpaper selection encourages you to choose colors and patterns that express your personality and create harmony in your living space. We believe it is important to create an environment where you feel comfortable and happy, and the wallpaper plays a vital role in this. Be inspired by the variety of colors and styles our collection has to offer, and discover which shades and designs really suit you.

In our categories you will find :

- Black white and Black gold: perfect for a modern and timeless look, ideal for creating contrast and depth in your interior.

- Green, Turquoise and Blue and white: these colors bring nature into your home and create a calming and harmonious atmosphere.

- Orange, Yellow and Red: warm and vibrant colors that exude energy and passion, perfect for adding a cheerful note to your space.

- Grey, White, Beige and Brown: neutral tones that form an excellent base and are easy to combine with other colors and decorative elements.

- Very peri, Bordeaux, Dark blue, Blue gold, Light pink and Pastel: soft and stylish colors that add elegance and serenity to your interior.

Choosing the perfect wallpaper is a creative process in which you can be guided by your intuition and sense of style. Experiment with different wallpaper murals by colors and patterns and be surprised by the result. Dare to put your own stamp on your interior and show who you are through your choice of wallpaper.

Our website not only offers an extensive selection of colors and styles, but also useful tips and inspiration to help you make the right choice. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to decide which wallpaper best suits your space and personality, which is why we are here to support you in your search for the perfect wallpaper.

Your home is a reflection of you , and choosing the right wallpaper is an important part of creating a space that really feels like home. Don't be afraid to experiment and get out of your comfort zone - you'll be amazed at what you can achieve with a little daring and imagination.

So dive into the world of colors and patterns and discover the many possibilities that our special wallpaper collection has to offer. From black and white to pastel , from bold and vibrant colors to soft and subtle tones, there's a wallpaper to suit every style and every personality. Be inspired , choose your wallpaper with the color that reflects you and create the interior of your dreams.

Your journey of discovery now and find the wallpaper that perfectly matches your style and personality. We wish you lots of fun and success in transforming your home with the beautiful colors and patterns from our unique collection!

Children's wallpaper for the nursery

The magic of children's wallpaper

Using children's wallpaper in the nursery is a great way to create a playful and joyful atmosphere that will inspire children and spark their imagination. The right wallpaper can transform the room into an underwater world, a zoo, a fairytale forest, or even a spaceship! With a wide choice of colours, patterns and themes, you can design an environment that suits your child's unique personality and interests.

There is a wide range of children's wallpaper on the market, from simple patterns and pastel colors to bold designs and bright colours. Eco-friendly and washable options are also available, which is ideal for children who enjoy crafting. Choose from a variety of themes such as animals, space, nature, fairy tales and more to create an inspiring and unique nursery that will last for years to come.

Wallpaper murals Watercolor seamless pattern polka dot brown beige and lion

Scandinavian rainbow wallpaper

The right choice for your nursery

When choosing the perfect children's wallpaper for the nursery, it is important to consider your child's age, personality and interests. Choose colorful and vibrant designs to grab the attention of young children, or more subdued and timeless patterns for older children. Also consider the size of the room and the amount of natural light to make sure the wallpaper doesn't overwhelm the space or make it too dark.

Complete the look with matching accessories and furniture to accentuate the themes and colors of the chosen children's wallpaper. For example, you can choose pillows, duvet covers, curtains and decorations in the same style as the wallpaper. By adding these extra touches, you create a beautiful and cohesive space that your child will love. Be inspired by the children's wallpaper and transform the nursery into a magical world full of adventure, creativity and fun!

Floral wallpaper in living rooms and bedrooms

Bring nature into your home with floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper can be subtle or very pronounced, depending on your preference. For a calm effect, you can choose a light wallpaper with a delicate floral pattern. This kind of wallpaper is ideal for the bedroom, where it can create a relaxed and serene atmosphere.

In the living room, you can opt for a bold floral pattern with bright colors to make a statement and brighten up the room. By combining floral wallpaper with suitable accessories, such as cushions, curtains and works of art, you create a harmonious and stylish whole.

Wallpaper murals Vector sketch pattern with birds and flowers

Wallpaper with gold details

Combine and vary with floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is very versatile and can be used in different ways in your interior. You can choose to provide one wall with a floral pattern, while painting the other walls in a matching solid color. This creates a nice balance and draws attention to the accentuated wall.

Another option is to combine floral wallpaper with other patterns, such as stripes or geometric shapes, for a dynamic and playful effect. Make sure that the colors and styles are coordinated to create a coherent whole.

When you apply floral wallpaper in your living room or bedroom, it is important to take into account the size and use of color of the pattern. Small patterns and soft colors can make a small space appear larger, while large patterns and bright colors can have a powerful effect in larger spaces.

Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect atmosphere that suits your personal style and wishes. Be inspired by the versatility of floral wallpaper and transform your living room or bedroom into a beautiful, unique and inviting space.