Make your interior dreams come true. With our personalized photo wallpaper rolls with a repeating pattern you give every room an original look and new atmosphere.

You will find numerous photo patterns in our wide range. From a geometric design or art deco pattern to a vintage floral motif, there is the suitable wall mural for every room and every taste. Our photo wallpaper rolls have a standard width of 48 cm and are 10, 20 or 40 m long. So you can easily cut them to the desired length yourself before you start wallpapering. A washable laminate layer protects the wallpaper against dirt, water and sunlight. This keeps your wall decoration looking like new.

Brighten up your retail space by decorating the walls with a wallpaper roll with a pattern of tropical plants or colorful Moroccan tiles. And wallpaper one of the walls of your kitchen, bedroom or children's room with a pattern of flowers, parrots or flamingos. Go for the pattern that suits you best and create the interior of your dreams.

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Production time: 2-3 workdays

100% Ecological – VOC-free


What our customers say about us

Mary K
By: 05-09-2020

Excellent quality, quick delivery.

Custom wallpaper prints

If you want to order custom-made wallpaper, you've come to the right place. In our online database you will find countless prints to personalize your interior completely. From tropical plants over ceramic tiles to cool graffiti: the choice is truly endless. Moreover, all our wallpaper prints can be individually edited until they are just right. Mirror, rotate, zoom in and out... experiment until you are 100% satisfied with your chosen wallpaper. Do you already have a nice motif in mind? Let us know and we will make sure that your favorite wallpaper print will soon be hanging on your wall.

Wallpaper prints sorted by color, theme or style

Are you looking for a nice wallpapers to brighten up your home, but don't have a clear idea yet? Get inspired by the many wallpaper prints on our website. With our handy search function you can sort the results by color, theme or style. For example, if you have a calming green color scheme in mind for the new nursery, you can indicate in the search filter that you are looking for wall murals. Conversely, you can also search within a particular style, ranging from vintage or modern to art deco. Choose the style that typifies you and let yourself be surprised by the multitude of patterns. Or take a look at our best-selling wallpapers. Wallpapers with floral or geometric patterns are always a hit.

Fast delivery of print wallpaper

Once you have chosen your dream print, you will of course want to get started right away. We therefore do everything to deliver your wallpaper with print as quickly as possible. Because we print in our own workshop, you will receive your wallpaper at home within two working days after ordering. Do you want to wallpaper an extra wall later on or did you accidentally undercount a roll? You can easily reorder your favorite pattern. Our print wallpaper is always made to order and will therefore never be sold out. Our state-of-the-art printer also guarantees that the colors of the new roll of wallpaper will be exactly the same.

Wallpaper of exceptional quality

Our print wallpaper is made of sturdy nonwoven material that you can, if desired, add an additional laminate layer that protects against dirt, moisture and scratches. This is particularly recommended in a professional context and for rooms where contact with the walls is unavoidable. Think of a kitchen, bathroom, children's room or entrance hall. With or without protective layer, thanks to the intense colors and lifelike details, your print wallpaper will shine regardless.