3d letters: personal decoration for the kids room

Finding a fun, original and personal gift for new parents or a child is one of the most difficult things there is. Are you currently looking for such a gift to surprise young parents or to surprise your own child or small niece or nephew? Then decorative 3D letters are definitely something for you! Order online the initials or full name of the child in 3D letters, and give the child or parents a gift that they can enjoy for years to come.

Your child's name or initials in 3D letters

Are you expecting? Then you are probably already looking for beautiful names, or you have already thought about it for a long time and in the meantime have chosen a beautiful baby name. With beautiful decorative 3D letters on the wall or on a shelf in the nursery, everyone can admire the initials or full name of your little one. Moreover, it is also an ideal way to give the children's room a personal touch and make it even more cozy. Decorative 3D letters are therefore not only fun to give or receive, but also to buy for yourself and your own children!

Stick your 3D letters on the wall, door or simply place them upright

Not expecting, but proud parent of a beautiful son or daughter or a whole team of children? A name in decorative 3D letters is also a nice idea! After all, your child's name is the most beautiful there is. And children also really enjoy it when their name hangs in beautiful letters on the door or against the wall of their bedroom. Remove the protective film from the back of the 3D letter and simply stick each letter on the door, wall, cupboard… or any smooth, clean surface. Or just place them on a shelf or on your child's desk, so that he or she can admire them every day.

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Decorative 3D letters of the highest quality

Your decorative 3D letters are made from high-quality, strong Forex material. The 3D letters are available in different designs. And we can say it, viewing and choosing the 7 types of 3D letters is a great fun activity in itself! From cute letters in pastel with a bear for the nursery, to funny letters in the shape of an animal or a fluffy monster for the nursery. Each and every one of them original, colorful designs that suit every interior style.

Whether you buy them for your own children or as a maternity gift for future parents, decorative 3D letters are a beautiful, personal gift that will make both parent and child very happy! Looking for another original maternity gift or gift for a christening? Then a personalized newborn cushion is an excellent choice! Check out the new newborn cushions that you can personalize yourself with the name and birth details of the baby and make young parents very happy!


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