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33 x wallpapers and wall mural inspiration for the kids’ room


The place where they play, laugh, dream… Turn the children's room into a magical world with a nice wall mural. Tough, sweet or cute? Spark your little one's imagination with an imaginative photo print. With so many fun themes to choose from, you are sure to find a nursery wall mural that will appeal to your darling. Opt for something colorful and creative, because if there is one place to experiment, it is the children's room. Do you find the wide choice rather overwhelming? We are happy to help you on your way by listing the best nursery wall mural trends for you below.

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Wall murals for Childrens room forest with animals

#1 Jungle wall murals for the nursery

Immerse the nursery in a jungle theme with a wall mural of a vintage botanical landscape. Wild animals, tropical birds, exotic plants… your little daredevil will feel like a real adventurer. Due to the multitude of details, there is always something new to discover. Complete the theme by combining your nursery wall mural with accessories in the same style, such as a wooden climbing frame, wicker rocking chair or funny cuddly monkey. Your little darling will be completely absorbed in his own fantasy world while playing. Our collection of children's room wall murals is now also available with a washable protective layer. This way you can enjoy that beautiful jungle print for years.

Wall murals childrens room Seamless border with tropical tree such as palm, banana and jungle animals

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#2 Rainbow wall murals for the nursery

Do you want to decorate the nursery but you can't choose between all those cheerful colors? We have the solution for you: rainbow wall murals. It doesn't always have to be blue or pink. Go for a mix of colors that matches the atmosphere you want to create. Candy colors provide a cheerful touch, while pastel shades radiate tranquility. The advantage of rainbow wall murals is that it can be used for both a boy’s and girl’s room. It is therefore a safe choice if you do not know the sex of the baby yet.

Wall murals for childrens room Rainbow wall murals for the nursery

#3 Watercolor wall murals for the nursery

Away with those boring white walls! A children's room should not only bring peace, but also inspire and challenge. This forest animal wall mural does just that. The beautiful watercolor illustrations create a creative setting in which your son or daughter can play and explore to their heart's content. Native animals or wild exotics; choose the photo print that your child feels most comfortable with. Watercolor wall murals are also suitable for different ages, so you are settled for the next few years. Convinced? Choose your favorite design from our collection of children's room wall murals and we will print the desired photo to the exact size of your wall.

Kids wall mural Watercolor wall murals for the nursery

#4 Photo wallpapers with triangles

wall murals for the children's room with triangles

Do you want to give the kids room an Instagram worthy look? Then get started with photo wall paper. Geometric patterns are totally hip and can be found in all kinds of shapes and colors. We loved the calming blueish tones of this photo wallpaper with triangles.

View the Wall murals Triangle

#5 Photo wall murals underwater world

Murals For Kids Rooms with underwater world

Let yourself get inspired by this wonderful underwater world during decorating your baby’s room. The deep blue ocean and its colourful inhabitants will form an inspiring décor where the little one can be completely at ease.

View the Wall murals Sea life

#6 Pastel polka dot wallpapers

Pastel polka dot wallpaper for childrens room

Do you like polka dots, but don't like bright colors? Then choose pastel polka dot wallpaper. A good choice for spaces in which you want to create a calming atmosphere, such as the children's room.

View the Wallpapers Polka dot

#7 Scandinavian rainbow wallpaper

Scandinavian rainbow wallpaper for childrens room

Baby on the way? This Scandinavian photo wallpaper with rainbows will give your little one a warm welcome. The soft pastel colors are suitable for both a boy's and a girl's room.

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#8 Scandinavian triangles wallpaper

Scandinavian triangles wallpaper for childrens room

The soft blue tones of this Scandinavian wallpaper with triangles are perfect for creating a soothing environment in which even the most active children will doze off in no time.

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#9 Photo wall murals Alice in Wonderland

Childrens room wall murals Alice in Wonderland

A castle in the garden of mushrooms as tall as trees, in a children’s world anything is possible. Let their funny fantasies come to live with this fairytale photo wallpaper of Alice in Wonderland.

View the Wall murals Castle

#10 Photo wall murals with dinosaur

Photo wallpaper dinosaur for childrens room

Do your children love dinosaurs? These colossal four-legged friends are extinct for centuries, but in the imaginary world of your kids, they are still very much alive. Stimulate their imagination with this dinosaur on photo wallpaper.

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#11 Wall murals with forest

Wall murals childrens room with forest

This cheerful autumn scene will make the nursery always a cozy place. The warm colors and fairytale atmosphere of the forest on photo wallpaper, invite curious eyes to discover the magical world of the woods and its inhabitants.

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#12 Wallpapers with planets

Murals For Kids Rooms with planets

Our dreams take us to the most special places, as far as the distant universe. This cute wallpaper with planets will make the fantasies of your toddler just a little bit more real.

View the Wallpapers Cosmos

#13 Maritime wallpaper children's room

Maritime wallpaper children's room

A children's room with a maritime theme is always a hit, especially when you complete the look with a matching wallpaper. Here, a maritime wallpaper in Scandinavian style was chosen.

View the Wallpapers Sea waves

#14 Wall murals with lighthouse and a whale

Photo wall murals lighthouse for childrens room

Light and calm, but also warm and cosy at the same time. This Scandinavian style is totally cool in the children’s room these days. This photo wallpaper with a lighthouse and friendly whale proofs you that a sober decorating can also be playful and cheerful.

View the Wall murals Whale

#15 Wall murals of a waterfall

Childrens room wall murals of a waterfall

Every child deserves its own piece of paradise. Transform your child’s room into a dreamworld with this fairy like photo wall. Its surrealistic drawing style gives the waterfall a magical look.

View the Wall murals River and lake

#16 Avocade wallpapers for children’s room

Avocade wallpapers children’s room

Do you associate wall paper with a classic style? This playful avocado wall paper, will change your mind definitely! Avocados are trending at this time as a pattern for the children’s room.

View the Wallpapers Avocado

#17 Sloth wallpapers children’s room

Sloth wallpaper children’s room

This unisex wallpaper with sleeping sloths will look great in a children’s room. The sloths are hanging very relaxed. With these funny figures at the wall, your little one will sleep lovely.

View the Wallpapers Sloths

#18 Wall murals cute owls

Photo wall murals for childrens room cute owls

Night, night, sleep tight. This adorable photo wallpaper with cute owls will take your little baby immediately to dreamland.

View the Wall murals Owl Cartoons

#19 Photo wall murals with castle

Photo wall murals with castle for childrens room

Let yourself get carried away in the fantasy world of your children with this fairytale castle photo wallpaper. Though knights and brave princesses go on a adventure together in the land behind the rainbow, when they are in dreamland and when they open their eyes slowly.

View the Wall murals Castle

#20 Kitten wallpapers

Kitten wallpapers for childrens room

Your little one will be over the moon with this cute kitten wallpaper. This cheerful print with fluffy clouds and colourful balloons gives the children's room a playful touch.

View the Wallpapers Cats

#21 Panda wallpapers

Panda wallpapers for childrens room

Fluffy, cuddly and a little bit clumsy. Who doesn't love pandas? Every time we enter the nursery, this panda wallpaper puts a big smile on our faces. A great option for the children’s room.

View the Wallpapers Sleeping animals

#22 Sheep wallpapers

Sheep wallpaper for children's room

Counting sheep was never so much fun. These sleeping sheep will make your child drift off to dreamland in just a matter of seconds. Because of the subdued colour palette, this sheep wallpaper will suit any children's room.

View the Wallpapers Baby animals nursery

#23 Wall murals with cute little birds

Wall murals with cute little birds for childrens room

A children’s room is the place in your house to go crazy with colorful photo wallpaper. With the imaginative shapes and vibrant colors of this photo wallpaper with cute birds provide a cheerful feeling and will certainly appeal to your little one.

View the Wall murals Birds, bees

#24 Teddy bear wallpaper

Teddy bear wallpapers for baby room

With a calming teddy bear wallpaper, your baby, toddler or preschooler will easily fall asleep. This beautiful motif with soft pastel shades and lovely figures is perfect for the nursery.

View the Wallpapers Sleeping animals

#25 Wallpaper with kittens

Kids room wallpaper with kittens

A girl on the way? Get the nursery ready for your little one with this cute cat print. Toddlers and preschoolers will totally love this wallpaper with kittens.

View the Wallpapers Cats

#26 Scandinavian wallpaper children's room

Scandinavian wallpapers children's room

Simple but chic. Scandinavian wallpaper is known for its calming colours and simple drawing style. Exactly what you are looking for for the children's room. This Scandinavian wallpaper with cars and houses is our favourite. Which one is yours?

View the Wallpapers Cars

#27 Unicorn wallpaper

Unicorn wallpaper for childrens room

Thanks to these cute little unicorns, your little rascal won’t mind going to bed early. No wonder that unicorn wallpaper is a true children's room trend these days!

View the Wallpapers Unicorn

#28 Kitten wallpaper

Kitten wallpaper childrens room

This playful kitten wallpaper will steal the heart of your little animal friend. The crazy cats bring a touch of humour into the children's room. Easy to combine thanks to the soft grey shades.

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#29 Wallpaper with dinosaurs

Wallpaper for childrens room with dinosaurs

This fun wallpaper is for real dino fans. Bring the prehistoric creatures back to life and take your little one on an adventure with this cute dinosaur wallpaper.

View the Wallpapers Scandinavian style

#30 Wallpaper with balloons

Wallpaper for children's room with balloons

Are you expecting a new baby? Decorate the nursery with this beautiful wallpaper so you your little miracle will feel at ease immediately.

View the Wallpapers childrens room Animals with balloon

#31 Wallpaper with elephants

Wallpaper for childrens room with elephants

With this elephant wallpaper on your wall, your sweetheart will have a night full of sweet dreams. Personalise this cute elephant print to your liking by adjusting the size of the pattern.

View the Wallpapers Elephant

#32 Wallpaper with sheep

Wallpaper kids room with sheep

Counting sheep when you can't sleep? You can take that very literally in this children's room! This cute sheep wallpaper will send your little darling off to dreamland straight away.

View the Wallpapers Sleeping animals

#33 Dino wallpaper

Dino wallpaper for childrens room

Are dinosaurs a thing of the past? Not in this nursery! Stimulate your children’s imagination with this cute dino wallpaper.

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