Wall decoration in light colors as eye-catcher in your living room

Your own living room is a place to come home to and socialize. Choosing the right colors is an important aspect of making your living space comfortable, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Want to let a breath of fresh air blow through your living room? What better way to freshen things up than light colors against the wall. And without using paint! Personalized wall decoration in light colors against the wall can also do wonders. In this article we show you five examples of wall decoration in light, natural colors against the wall and how these have a positive effect on your living room interior.

Pink wall decoration

The first light color is pink, more precisely light pink. Pale pink is one of the most popular pastel shades for living rooms, and we totally understand why. Light pink provides a calming feeling in the living room and at the same time gives the room a fresh, energetic atmosphere. You can combine the color very nicely with other light shades, but also with bright colors. The ideal color choice for wall decoration in the living room! Do you like the look of real paintings? Then go for a light pink canvas print against the wall. A canvas print has a natural linen look and fits almost any interior style.

Canvas prints Alcohol ink colors translucent. Abstract multicolored marble texture background

Beige wall mural

Beige is a warm and above all timeless color that goes with almost all other colors and shades. Beige is often chosen as the base color for the walls in the living room. RAL9010 is therefore one of the most popular colors for people who want to paint the walls of their living room. Is your living room a rather small space? Then create a unique eye-catcher against the wall with a beige colored wall mural. Wall murals are a life-size image that is printed on different wallpaper strips, which you then stick to the wall to create an attractive accent wall. The spatial effect of a wall mural is enormous. Wall murals with landscapes in particular make the walls in your living room almost come to life.

Wall murals Ynyslas beach, Ceredigion, Wales

Olive green wallpaper circle

Olive green is a popular color that you see more and more in living rooms. Olive green is best combined with white accessories, wooden accessories and furniture in light materials. The result: a living space that breathes nature and tranquility. A nice way to decorate your living room with olive green is by using wall circles in an olive green color. A self-adhesive wall circle is made of sturdy sticker material and can easily be stuck to any clean, smooth wall. This wallpaper circle with chameleon stands out nicely against the gray wall. Combine with plants and white accessories, and turn your white living room into an attractive space.

Wall Circles Watercolor chameleon artwork. Jungle animal design with reptile, tropical leaves and branches

Coral wall decoration

Looking for a light color accent to spice up the dark walls in your living room? Then wall decoration with coral tones against the wall is something for you. Do you have a sleek interior? Then an aluminum print is ideal for decorating your living room. The sleek look of aluminum makes the coral tones of your photo shine intensely. In the example below you see an aluminum print with coral colors. The fresh coral color accents in the photo contrast beautifully with the cool color of the gray wall. Is there a lot of light in the room? An aluminum print does not reflect, so it is ideal for decorating the living room.

Aluminium Prints Hawa mahal,the pink city in India

Gallery walls with light color combinations

A final way to give your living space a fresh atmosphere is a gallery wall. Here you choose a few posters or prints on different materials, such as acrylic prints, aluminum prints or a textile frame. Mix and match with fun light color combinations such as light blue, light pink or mint green and put together your own personal gallery wall. Or make it easy on yourself and take a look at the gallery walls page. Here you will find all kinds of ready-made gallery walls with attractive photos and prints that you can order individually as well.

Gallery Walls Shiny pastels

Wall decoration in the right color can do wonders for the interior. Choose the color that best suits your interior and the feeling you want to achieve. Do you also want to start decorating your living room? Choose a nice, fresh color, an attractive image and have it printed on the decoration of your choice.


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