The most beautiful splashbacks for the real kitchen hero

Looking for a unique addition to your kitchen? With a beautiful glass splashback you will have the option to give your kitchen an original look. How about a sweet splashback with desserts? Or a spicy background with spices? There are even more tasty splashbacks that can give your kitchen that extra special look that you can enjoy for years to come. Doesn't this make you spontaneously hungry when you look at it? That means extra cooking and baking in your beautiful and especially tasty kitchen! Discover the possibilities with these special splashbacks here.

Glass Kitchen Splashback Cooking

Complete your kitchen interior

A beautiful splashback ensures that you feel like getting started in your kitchen every day. A splashback is, for instance, a perfect alternative to ceramic tiles that are usually found in the kitchen. If you have space left between the kitchen cupboards on the floor and the cupboards against the wall, this would make the ideal spot for a glass splashback. This splashback can also be placed around the stove or near the oven, so you get a beautiful and unique glass printing .

Glass Kitchen Splashback Coffeebeans

A unique splashback for every kitchen

A splashback with spices ensures that your kitchen immediately looks special. You decide where the splashback is placed. Does this spicy splashback cover the entire length of the kitchen or only a small part? You have plenty of options to place this unique splashback in your kitchen. It also doesn't matter how much space there is between the cupboards on the floor and on the wall: thanks to the various dimensions this unique wall is suitable for every kitchen. Measure the space and order this splashback today!

Glass Kitchen Splashback Spices

Splashbacks: original, modern and cozy

A splashback is a unique alternative to ceramic tiles. Most kitchens make use of this last option, but by choosing a splashback you opt for modernity, and above all: originality. A splashback is a great way to express your taste. This kitchen is your domain: you can cook, bake and enjoy being together with your family, relatives or friends. There are so many more options when you want to make something beautiful from your kitchen.

Glass Kitchen Splashback Dessert

Glass Kitchen Splashback Swirl

Glass Kitchen Splashback Chili Pepper

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