Photo decoration for a cottage kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Get started with photo decoration for a country style that radiates warmth and cosiness. Be sure to take a look at our range before you start displaying photo frames in a hurry. Photo decoration is so much more than that. From wall murals to splash backs, the only limit is your imagination. With over 100 million images to choose from, there is sure to be something that fits perfectly within your country kitchen. And if that's not enough, you can upload your own photos as well. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the endless possibilities? Below you will find the best decoration ideas for your country kitchen.

Wallpapers Seamless french farmhouse floral linen printed background. Provence blue gray pattern texture. Shabby chic style woven background. Textile rustic scandi all over print effect

Rural kitchen photo backgrounds

A country kitchen needs first and foremost to be functional, but that does not mean uninviting. This kitchen splashback is the perfect proof. A splashback not only creates a homely atmosphere, but also has practical use. It protects the wall behind your counter against water and splashing grease. Our kitchen photo backgrounds are made of toughened safety glass and are therefore easy to maintain. Give your country kitchen an inviting look with a personalized photo background by having the photo of your choice printed exactly to fit your interior. Sockets or taps? No worries, we provide the necessary cut-outs so that you can install your kitchen photo splashback behind your stove without any problems.

Printed kitchen splashbacks Sand dunes on the beach at sunset

Photo on canvas for your country kitchen

We all know the problem: you want to furnish your country kitchen in a cozy way, but those beautiful candles or nice plants are really only in the way. Have you ever thought of wall decoration such as a photo on canvas? An instant atmosphere creator that hardly takes up space so that you can cook to your heart's content. A work of art by a famous photographer or do you prefer a collage of your favorite family photos? In our online editing tool you can experiment with the different options before making a final choice. Do you want to accentuate the country style of your kitchen? Then go for a quote or a photo on canvas in a kitchen theme. Coziness assured!

Canvas prints Scottish Highland Cow cow in field looking at the camera,Highlan

Decorate your country kitchen with photo roller blinds

A touch of textile gives your country kitchen a cozy look in an instant. Think not only of tablecloths or blankets, but also of photo blinds. An original way to give your kitchen that typical rural look. You can choose a pattern or a photo, whatever you like. Photo blinds show once again that practical and stylish are not mutually exclusive. They give your country kitchen a cozy touch and also provide extra privacy. If you want to limit the view without blocking daylight, it is best to opt for translucent photo roller blinds. Do you want to shroud your country kitchen in complete darkness? Then blackout photo blinds are more appropriate. Whichever you choose, the result will be impressive either way.

Printed roller blinds Seamless french blue yellow farmhouse style stripes texture. Woven linen cloth pattern background. Line striped closeup weave fabric for kitchen towel material. Pinstripe fiber picnic table cloth


How to decorate your country kitchen? Let us know below!

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